WW3 Scenario: Russia Gets Serious With NATO As It Protects Territory

WW3 Scenario: Russia Gets Serious With NATO As It Protects Territory
Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0

Russia is getting serious with NATO when it emphasized that the nation will be ready to protect its interest when it comes down to it. Furthermore, Russian officials threatened NATO, saying that nuclear war is at risk if it tries to fight Russia, and that the alliance should instead focus on threats like terrorism.


Russia Ready to Fight

Moscow has declared it will be ready to protect the nation’s interest in light of NATO’s expansion efforts. The alliance’s buildup has Russia on alert as well, following the premise that NATO declared it aggressive and a threat.

“Interaction in the struggle against terrorism does not contribute to the build-up of NATO’s activity on our borders and the expansion of its military infrastructure to the Russian borders. This is what we also discussed at the Russia-NATO Council,” TASS quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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“I want to stress that Russia will always be able to defend its interests and ensure the security of its citizens,” Lavrov said.

The official clarified that Russia is ready to work with the alliance to guarantee security across Europe, including management of threats like terrorism. The minister said that Russia has been interested in establishing relations with European nations, including the European Union. Moscow wants to initiate the relationship with Europe based on principles of equality, mutual respect, and mutual benefit.

Russia Urges Fight Against Terrorism

Another Russian lawmaker urged NATO to fight terrorism instead of focusing on the supposed “Russian threat.” First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council upper house International Affairs Committee Vladimir Dzhabarov told TASS in another report that NATO member-countries must focus on fighting international terrorism, as opposed to paying attention to a mythical thought like the “Russian threat.”

“Unfortunately, ironically, when a few days ago NATO spoke publicly of the so-called Russian threat and contemplated moving its troops closer to our borders, the terrorists showed at this moment that the NATO member-countries should fight international terrorism rather than Russia. This summit should have focused on efforts to combat terrorism rather than a mythical Russian threat,” said the official.

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