WW3 Scenario: Russia Has Flying Tank

WW3 Scenario: Russia Has Flying Tank
Photo Credit: Rob Schleiffert via Compfight cc
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A battle in the skies against Russia may be difficult to wage, considering Russia has a flying tank among its air assets.


Simply put, the Russian Su-25 or “Rook” is capable of taking several targets. It may not be the most high-tech fighter aircraft out there now, but it remains capable of making effective and deadly kills when needed.

According to report from the National Interest, the Russian Su-25 is capable of decimating both tanks and infantry on the ground during Close Air Support missions. It is also capable of flying low, which gives the opportunity to take a close look at the battlefield before setting itself up for an attack run.

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The Su-25 is typically armed of some unguided 250 or 500 kilogram cluster bombs, rockets and bombs. At the same time, the aircraft comes mounted with a Gsh-30-230 millimeter cannon loaded with 260 rounds of ammunition. It also comes fitted with a laser designator utilized in firing Kh-25ML and Kh-29 laser guided missiles.

Flying low helps the Su-25 avoid any long-range surface-to-air missile systems set up by NATO to protect its allied countries. When it comes to other anti air defenses in the battlefield, the Su-25 is ready to meet them head-on; the aircraft seems to be wrapped in an “armored bathtub,” with around 10 to 25 millimeters of armored plating wrapped around the cockpit. It was also used to pad the pilot’s headrest.

Aside from this, the Su-25 features armored fuel tanks and a number of redundant control schemes, helping increase the pilot’s chances of survival in case the aircraft takes a major hit.

According to a report from SOFREP News, Russia continues to do extensive upgrades on the Su-25 as the U.S. Air Force decides to retire the A-10 Thunderbolt II attack plane, the Su-25’s American stablemate, by 2022.

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