WW3 Scenario: Russia To Defeat NATO With Submarine, Shady Navy Catches Alliance Off Guard

WW3 Scenario: Russia To Defeat NATO With Submarine, Shady Navy Catches Alliance Off Guard
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Powers are shifting and it may not be in favor of the United States. While NATO and the United States have their own arsenal at their disposal, it appears that the Russian submarine fleet is making a comeback, and it may not be good news for its opponents.


Russia Threatens US and NATO with its Submarine Fleet

Center for Strategic & International Studies said that as Russia claws its way back through its submarine fleet, the United States and NATO may not be ready to go against it. The organization also emphasized that in order to counter the resurgent threat, there should be closer cooperation among the U.S., its allies and the Nordics in terms of intense training and new technology, among others.

Russia may be going through a lot of challenges, but its sub force has not been more active in decades that it is currently.

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“The organizations, relationships, intelligence, and capabilities that once supported a robust ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) network in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea no longer exist,” Breaking Defense quoted CSIS.

“Two things have happened,” naval historian Norman Polmar said.

“One, their submarines are quieter, and, two, we have dismantled a large portion of our ASW capabilities.”

“Bottom line is yes, NATO ASW declined,” said Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain now with Center for a New American Security.

“We’re in a bad place as an alliance with regard to Russia’s underwater resurgence.”

Fatal Nuclear-Powered Vessels

Another report from Business Insider noted that Russia’s submarine activity is troubling as it has started returning to the Cold War-era. Russia is operating a number of nuclear powered submarines that can dive several thousand meters. These nuclear-powered submarines can operate undetected underwater for a long time which makes it possible for them to be almost anywhere. The ability of the vessels to dive at incredible depths makes them a threat.

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