WW3 Scenario: Russia, China Joining Pakistan In War Against India; America Missing In Action

WW3 Scenario: Russia, China Joining Pakistan In War Against India; America Missing In Action
India-Pakistan Flags Global Panorama / Flickr cc

India and Pakistan, two arch rival countries have started their preparations for war. While India depends on the U.S. for backup, Russia and China have already shown their support towards Pakistan. Can this be the grounds for World War III?


Pakistan has been secretly attacking military bases set up in Kashmir, which serves as a border of India and Pakistan, resulting in several Indian soldiers dying for months now.

Indo-Pak Dispute

After the consecutive wars that raged back in the 20th century between India and Pakistan, both the nations had come to some sort of peace agreement that brought new hope and understanding between the two.

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For decades non-violent relations followed between these two, which almost seemed to verge on cordial until Pakistan elected a new Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, who is hell bent on bringing their neighboring country to their knees.

While India has been holding back from engaging in direct violence against Pakistan, the last straw was 18 soldiers being killed in a terrorist attack at the Army camp in Uri, India on September 18.

Even though the Govt. of India has not formally declared it yet, they have started preparing for war which seems inevitable, what with Pakistan not listening to reason, warnings or threats anymore.

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Secretary General Ram Madhav took to the social media and wrote “For one tooth, the complete jaw”, reports CNN. Even the Home Minister of India tweeted “Pakistan is a terrorist state and it should be identified and isolated as such.”

China And Russia Side With Pakistan

It is no secret that India has always enjoyed full support from the U.S. This has made the entire affair a global one because China, who has been unabashedly anti-America for years now, has publicly pledged allegiance with Pakistan.

“In case of any (foreign) aggression our country will extend its full support to Pakistan. We are and will be siding with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue,” Consul General of China in Lahore Yu Boren has said in a press release, reports NDTV.

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Russia has also begun dipping its toe into the fight. Even though it has not verbally extended its support towards Pakistan, its antics point to a Russia-Pak pact happening soon enough.

Russian troops are currently practicing anti-terrorist drills in Pakistan, which are causes for worry for India reports The Times Of India.

The only opportunity to convince Russia to side with India is the upcoming annual summit which is due in a few weeks when India will host Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Where Is The  U.S.?

On the other hand, the United States seem to be in a bit of a disarray, what with its presidential elections going on and the country being torn apart by the sudden influx of anti-racism movements.

Under such circumstances, can India bank on the U.S. anymore? And is siding with Pakistan a well-planned strategy of China and Russia to establish a new world order where U.S. is not at the top anymore?

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  • Mohan

    China must stop double game against India by instigating Pakistan for more ferocious terrorist’s attacks causing maximum casualty on Indian security forces. China is seeing a short-term game but not visualizing about long term losses caused by an economic boycott of CHINESE GOODS by people of India. SO CHINA IS ADVISED TO PRESSURIZE PAKISTAN TO STOP ALL ANTI-INDIAN ACTIVITIES OTHERWISE CHINA SHOULD BE READY TO LOSE HUGE 100 Billion MARKET WHICH COULD NOT BE FOUND ANY OTHER PARTS OF WORLD WHICH WILL CRIPPLE BACKBONE OF CHINESE ECONOMY. ONE APPEAL OF MODI WILL BE SUFFICIENT TO DO THIS DAMAGE.

  • Humzah

    What a horrible piece of journalism. Biased, unobjective and not well researched. The author is herself involved and fails to provide an objective perspective of both the parties involved in the dispute. I’m surprised it got published. Pathetic!

  • truth

    to Humzah and Mohan you both are correct well stated. i would like to add that IndiA should stop the Indus water from entering Pakistan, stop all trades, with pakistan and china, ban travel and entry to Chinese and pakis.americans and israelis also IndiA should leave WTO for good! America is never to be trusted and neither is uk and Israel.

    • Ravi Janu

      any blockage of water is considerd war aggression, as it is already fact that next wars will be over water. India dare not do anything stupid that Pakistan Army has to start war, but being indians hindus r so Coward, I am 100% sure they will never start to dare us, they r fully aware that they cannot face our brave army. Indian Hindus can only fight against unarmed kashmiris or civillian people in gujrat when entrie govt machinery is there to protect the killer RSS mob with the help of indian cow piss drinking police and army. but we see india is good at shouting in media, their anchor think they r super power but infact r scared rats. all 3 armed forces of india acknowledge and informed inidan govt that thy are not ready for war with pk, specaily when china, Russia are backing PK as well fully aware that isreale+usa r backing coward hindus for being slaughter pk.

      • truth

        don’t worry blockage of water will be happening sooN’. we are not threatened at all by your meaningless rants. you must be sniffing some very strong glue to even think Pakistan a Smelly SH-HOLE country with only 150 million population of unsanitated wild monkey CameL FKRS can ever defeat IndiA country which is 1.3 BILLION population.

  • Ammar

    Another Indian journo trying to misguide the audience. What about the terrorism india spreads in border regions of Pakistan with Afghanistan. Recently their serving military officer Kulbhushan Yadav was caught in Baluchistan planning and executing bombings in civilian areas. Their army in Kashmir has killed over a 100 unarmed protestors in Kashmir and blinded over a 1000 for life. Since 1948, Indian army has killed over 600,000 Kashmiri muslims who have always tried for a peaceful separation from theh terrorist state that India is. The attack on their soldiers in Uri was either an inside job to divert the world’s attention from their attrocities in Kashmir or was an attack by the local kashmiris. How can four militants cross a fenced border guarded by over 800,000 indian soldiers and infiltrate their military base and kill 18 military men. Either they are massively incompetent or this was a planned false flag. But this journo misses all of the links and blames Pakistan for the attack when the only proof their army could provide was an engine with Made in Pakistan written on it. Shameful journalism!

    • R. Subramanian

      unarmed protestors ? are you sure ? what you say about stones and grenades ? do you think stones and grenades wont kill anyone ?

      • Ammar

        I can only mourn on your mental acumen for comparing stones to 9mm bullets.. what kind of an evil mind would do that? Had their protests been armed at least tens of your soldiers would be dead by now.

        • R. Subramanian

          All the terror group used to do these kind of propagandas…

          People who pelted stones at army know very well about the consequences, by knowingly if they pelt stones means the fault is with the preparators.

          Almost all the terrorist groups are using women and children in the frontline, so that if the army retaliates they can use those photos for propaganda purposes.

          These kind of propagandas everyone knows.

          • Ammar

            This is the problem with the Indians and Israelis. You act like oppressors and show no sanity. Don’t you ever try to find out the reasons why the common people are throwing stones at your army? It is because you are occupying them with brute force. You have killed 600,000 of their men, women and children. Your army has raped their women and killed their infants. What would you do if we did the same to your women and children?
            They do not want to be a part of your country and live under the Hindu rule. You portray your face to the world as though you are democratic when in fact you have not let the Kashmiris have their say since 1947 when Hari singh (a dictator appointed by the British) did not let the voice of the Kashmiris be heard and pledged his allegiance to you and you sent your troops to overtake the rule by force. Let the people of Kashmir who still are in overwhelming favor of being a part of Pakistan have their say and show to the world how democratic peace loving you are. Pakistan has some part of Kashmir as well, there has never been a single uprising there. But you answer the calls of freedom with your tanks and bullets and spread open lies to defend your actions.

          • R. Subramanian

            The reason is very simple, Muslims are not willing to live peacefully with non Muslims. Instead of democratic secular Government in New Delhi, if we had Islamic Sultan rule, surely there wont be issue in Kashmir.

            In a country like India, in a particular region like Kashmir where Muslims live majority they will ask for separatism.

            In a country like India where Muslims live minorities they will ask for more rights than other religious people.

            This is happening everywhere in this world.

            If India behaved like Muslims terrorist who killed all the Hindus there and converted it to Islam, in the same manner if India behaved means what would have happened… India and Hindus are human being, who love fellow human beings thats the reason they had not behaved like barbaric Islamic terrorists like Pakistan.

          • Ammar

            Muslims live peacefully with non-muslims as long as you do not oppress them. When was the last time the muslims of UP, Bihar, Bengal, or other parts of India where they are in minority revolted against you? I can’t think of any. But where you do oppress them and try to convert their majority into a minority and force them against their will to stay with you. They will fight back!

            Your theory does not make any sense because there are many other parts of the world where muslims are in a minority and they live peacefully. Examples are Europe, US, Canada, Many parts of India itself, many central african countries.

            Subramanian, I know you listen to your media and all the lies it spreads, but give it some thought and see why is it that Muslims do not revolt or fight or cause trouble against the government in such countries and even in many parts of India but in Kashmir they do. Your government labels them as Islamic radicals when all they are doing is trying to show the world the brutal oppression your army does to them.

          • R. Subramanian

            Can you tell one single Islamic country which gives equal or more rights to its minorities (like India gives to its minorities)

            Can you tell what happened to Hindus in Pakistan occupied Kashmir ?

            Can you tell what happened to 100s of 1000s of Hindu temples in Kashmir ?

            Can you tell what happened to Hindus in Pakistan ?

          • Ammar

            Well under the law all muslim countries give the same rights to non muslims as muslims. I don’t know what made you think that India treats its minorities in a much better way than any other country. When was the last time you heard a muslim country launching an operation against its non muslim minority? But we do see that in Kashmir and Palestine.

            I told you in another reply that at the time of the partition 5 million Hindus safely crossed the border and now live in India. There has been no massaccre or a state sponsored killing of any hindu community in Pakistan. In india there have been many against Muslims. Still around 2.5 million hindus live in Pakistan.

            Now your 100s of 1000s hindu temples. First of all the total population of Hindu Pundits in Kashmir in 1988 (after which according to your media and government the persecution of hindu pundits started) was about 140,000. Do you really mean to say that those 140,000 pundits had built 100s of 1000s of temples? 1 temple for 1 person? Isn’t it laughable?

            I do not deny or quite frankly I have no proof that some of the temples were not destroyed. There may have been incidents. But you must remember that in the late 80s your government started an operation in Kashmir that killed over 100,000 muslims in Kashmir and that is according to UNHRW estimates.

          • R. Subramanian

            By killing all the Hindus in Kashmir and by destroying 1000s Hindu temples in Kashmir, if you say you are not willing to live under Hindus means you must be one of those psychic terrorist

          • Ammar

            Well this is a standard indian response and it is full of lies. The discussion was on the fact that there is a group of religious majority in a region that does not want to live with you. There are milions of other muslims in other parts of India who are happy to coexist with you but Kashmiri muslims don’t. What you do in response?? Kill them, bulldoze their homes, blind their youth, rape their women! This is the core issue.

            But since you have mentioned it. Let me school you on some of the questions that you have asked

            1. What happened to Hindus in Pakistan and Kashmir?
            The region of India which is now Pakistan had for over about a 1000 years been a Muslim majority area. It was for a long time a part of the Muslim persian empire. Hindus there were always in a minority and it is difficult to say how many lived there before partition. But at the time of partition about 5 million Hindus migrated to India and around the same number of Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan. There were killings on both sides.

            When was the last time that you heard a muslim government carrying out oppression against a religious minority of any other relgion? Not an islamic sect! I can’t think of any. There are still about 2.5 million Hindus in Pakistan mostly in parts of Sindh where they have lived for centuries. Many are now migrating to India not because they are being persecuted but because their economic conditions are very poor because they live in a region where there is nothing but desert and the muslims living there are as poor as the Hindus. But we have heard and seen countries like India and Israel openly carrying out military operations against Muslims.

            Kashmiri pundits were a religious minority in Kashmir. There were about 140,000 of them living in the valley in 1988. That is when your government and army started operation against the Muslims of Kashmir. From 1988 to 2008 there were about 650 Hindu pandits killed in Kashmir if you ask the kashmiri pundits themselves (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/spotlight/kashmirtheforgottenconflict/2011/07/201176134818984961.html). In the same time your government killed over 100,000 muslims in Kashmir. Now who is the terrorist here??

          • R. Subramanian

            Read history properly from independent sources if you read history from madaras then you will be talking and believing like this only

          • Ammar

            Give me the independent source wherefrom you have read your history.

          • venkata kishore

            I will stick to be honest.
            Partition of India is studied by many universities all over world.
            I am using harvard study. Link: https://www.hks.harvard.edu/fs/akhwaja/papers/The%20Partition%20of%20India%20-%20Demographic%20Consequences.pdf
            Page number 7.

            The percentage Hindus/Sikhs
            in WEST Pakistan (not including Bangladesh) dropped from 17% in 1931 to 2% in 1951. The minority numbers for India and Bangladesh
            are 12% to 9% and 29% to 21%. Clearly a large number of Muslims stayed back in India and a large number of
            Hindus stayed back in Bangladesh (until 1951).

            You can see India is most peaceful and bengal is next best. India HAPPILY retained 85% of its Muslims and Indian Hindus stayed away from RSS or it’s politics. You can talk to TODAY’s Indian muslims over internet, 90% don’t have single relative got impacted by violence. Try asking TODAY’s Pakistani Hindu or sikh, ~100% have relative impacted in partition.
            After 1951, West Pakistan army started eliminating Hindus in East Pakistan. Every decade saw decline in Hindu population in east Pakistan till 1971. By 1971, Hindus gone down to 13%. thanks to West Pakistan army.

            India has religious clashes. India always brought them down within weeks.
            If you still want to talk about minority rights, please see below Javeed akthar’s answer. He is one of millions of educated Indian Muslims.


            In 1970s alone, India saw 10 million hindus coming to India due WEST Pakistan army. that is why you see second huge drop in census in 1974.

            Please acknowledge the facts. Pakistan has significant role in RSS raise in India. Till 70s, RSS failed to win atleast 3 parliament seats (out of 545 ). After 10 million Hindus losing home, BJP grown in every election to reach today’s place.

            By any studay till today, India been most peaceful in the region. Please need to cherry pick 1 day or 2 week clashes in India. Pakistan has clean swept minorities. See the video to learn from knowledgeable person.

          • MAN MAN

            If Pakistan is so good, why Baluchistan people are getting murdered and tortured so much. We had got Mumbai terrorist strikes, Parliament attack. Was that because of India pressurizing Kashmir innocent people. You mean to say those innocent people are doing those things. Terror outfits takes the responsibility of attacks. And you again go back to Kashmir. If Pakistan is so concerned about human race. Why not first show empathy to Baluchistan, in fact focus on his development. Without asking money from outside. I have not read so many books. But fact is not what you get from books but from inner sense of what is right and what is wrong. You bring out everything on Kashmir. We have lot many tasks like education, poverty for human kind. Don’t Pakistan have those tasks?

          • Ravi Janu

            Well Said Ammar, I totally agree with you. Hindus always do the same “Ram Ram from mouth but keep dagger hidden behind their back to stab muslims/Pakistan”. Their nature can never change. That is why nuclear war between them and PK is envitable, Every intelligent man is warning India but India think they can meddle within PK affairs and PK will keep ignoring them. Their active duty Naval officer working in PK as spy was caught red handed, he even confessed and the video is out yet they do not admit. http://pk.shafaqna.com/EN/0881232

          • Ravi Janu

            Corruption in India is so hight that they gave indian army obselete weapons and expect them to fight pakistan hardened army which have expereice of fighting for decades…

          • MAN MAN

            India refrained from taking action for so long because Pakistan has nothing to loose. India has position in world. India has important objectives like health, education, poverty from India and same it feels for world. Post War costs does no good to anybody. But if you see that as India being any lesser. Then you are gravely mistaken my friend.

          • MAN MAN

            India always wants to live peacefully with his neighbors. But it is always back stabbed by either terrorists and army from Pakistan. Doesn’t India have right to punish those people who have been creating all this. A common man from India or Pakistan needs food to eat, a good income, education to form a civilized world. India I do not about others, has always felt like this. Go by your heart, do not let leaders, or organizations lead your mind. I hate wars and fights. Live and Let Live Dear.

        • R. Subramanian

          Dont plead innocence everyone are not fools to believe terror groups propagandas, those days are all gone. That too today everyone knows about the cruel ugly Islamic terrorism that is threatening the entire human race, so one is going to support terrorism.

  • Zahidul Amin

    this news is clickbait…………. no indians or pakistani want wars…. stop reading such news… we brown race always divide us with silly history, look at europe, n look at southeast asia……… well we have failed to create a sane govt,,,,,, its politics, blame pakistan make indians believe strongly on their leader vice versa