WW3 Scenario: Russia And China Are America’s Worst Nightmare

WW3 Scenario: Russia And China Are America’s Worst Nightmare
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There’s a saying that goes: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The same could be happening for Russia and China. As United States continue to isolate the two countries due to political issues and military tension, Russia and China could be teaming up to put America down. Will the next world war be under Russia and China’s belt?


Russia and China Are America’s Worst Nightmare

Many experts agree that going to war with Russia and China is not in the best interest of the United States, even with the advancement in military hardware and technology. However, there is also contention saying that while the United States is provoking the two countries, either Russia or China could be triggerman of the another world war, not America.

If the United States go to war with Russia and China, it would have to mobilize a considerable arsenal and a league of allies.

“The U.S. military would be under strong pressure to deliver decisive victory in at least one theater as quickly as possible. This might push the United States to lean heavily in one direction with air, space and cyber assets, hoping to achieve a strategic and political victory that would allow the remainder of its weight to shift to the other theater,” claimed National Interest.

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“Given the strength of U.S. allies in Europe, the United States might initially focus on the conflict in the Pacific,” the report added.

Electronic Warfare Happening?

Nonetheless, it is best for the United States to prepare for a war, as another report from Sputnik says that the country appears to be willing to engage in an electronic warfare with China.

“The electronic spectrum, largely out of sight of the public eye, is becoming an area of a growing action/reaction dynamic between China and the United States in the South China Sea. This contest, if it grows and persists, will only add to the underlying tensions and risks of escalation in the South China Sea,” according to The Strategist.

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