WW3 Scenario: Russia Can Conveniently Invade The Baltics

WW3 Scenario: Russia Can Conveniently Invade The Baltics
Direct Line With Vladimir Putin President of Russia/Flickr CC by 4.0
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There’s a stretch of land that Russia can readily use in order to start an invasion. The Suwalki Gap is the only link Poland has to the rest of the Baltic states. It just so happens that it is also surrounded by Kaliningrad, a Russian province where Moscow can decide to launch a ground attack from.


This is a cause for grave concern among several NATO commanders. After all, should Russia manage to utilize the Suwalki Gap, the rest of the Baltic states can be readily cut off from the rest of its NATO allies. That means Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia troops can be easily overrun. Their lands can also be readily invaded.

To make matters worse, Kaliningrad is not just any Russian city. It is, in fact, a Russian provincial capital that has already been stockpiled for a possible war. According to a report from Express, the said province close to the Baltic Sea is already home to some land troops as well as a naval brigade. Here, you can also find two military airbases along with a number of Russian warships and submarines.

Recently, NATO has confirmed that it will defend the Baltic region better by sending in more allied forces in the area. “We will agree to deploy by rotation four robust multinational battalions in the Baltic states and in Poland,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Today, the U.S. Britain and Germany have committed to deploy about 1,000 troops each for this initiative. It is hoped that Canada will agree the remaining 1,000 troops needed.

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With regard to this plan, it is also expected that U.S. will station its troops in Latvia; German forces will deploy its troops to Lithuania and British troops will be stationed in Estonia. If Canada agrees, it is expected to deploy its troops in Poland.

Meanwhile, reports now indicate that Russia is trying to secure a new ally in Eastern Europe. Belarus, a landlocked country that lies near the Suwalki gap, is reportedly in discussions about possibly hosting a large Russian air base. Recently, Russia has said it has no intentions to invade a NATO ally.

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