WW3 Scenario: Russia Building Up Armed Forces Near Ukraine

WW3 Scenario: Russia Building Up Armed Forces Near Ukraine
Victory Day Parade President of Russia / Website CC BY 4.0

Russia’s current activities near the Ukrainian border are becoming a grave cause of concern. Today, its military is building up its forces, deploying them to newly built installations, from which they can strike Ukraine at any moment.


For some time now, Russia seems to be putting pressure around Ukraine. In the past few weeks, it has quietly moved a number of military vehicles towards Crimea, as Putin openly criticized the Kiev government of promoting terror instead of peace.

At the same time, Russia recently held tactical exercises in the Black Sea that featured a number of strike ships and small missile ships. All these activities have suggested to experts that President Vladimir Putin may soon be launching an invasion attack against Ukraine.

Today, a report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that Russia intends to beef up their military presence around Ukraine. Defense analyst for Moscow think tank CAST Anton Lavrov remarked, “Russia’s plans around the Ukrainian border show a real intent to use force if needed. They would be Russia’s first line of assistance if the pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine needed help.”

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According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, there are now as many as 40,000 Russian forces stationed along Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia. These forces include air force units as well as tanks and armored vehicles.

At the same time, the presence of Russian troops have been identified in eight locations near Ukraine’s border, namely Boguchar, Persianovskiy, Valuyki, Yelnya, Klintsy and bases refereed to as Rostov-1 and Rostov-2.

Meanwhile, U.S. military officials have said that any movement been done by Russia so far does not seem to indicate an immediate threat. Moreover, Russia’s current military activities are simply a part of its broader plans. U.S.-based analysts have said that military shift by Russia don’t always indicate an imminent military activity. Rather, Russia may simply be repositioning its forces to various conflict spots.

Earlier this month, the U.S. 6th Fleet announced that the guided missile destroyer USS Ross had already exited the Black Sea after taking part in a series of tactical exercises during Exercise Sea Breeze. It is forward deployed to Rota, Spain.

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