WW3 Scenario: Obama Declares War Vs Russia

WW3 Scenario: Obama Declares War Vs Russia
Barack Obama delivers statement on US Consulate attack in Benghazi Sep12, 2012 Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson/ Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
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In what seems to be an unlikely turn of events, U.S. President Barack Obama may declare war on Russia. The president took the hardline during the sidelines of the recent G20 Summit, saying that Russia could be intervening in the U.S. elections, risking a cyberwar. Will the United States declare war on Russia?


Obama Takes Hardline on Russia

President Obama raised the issue of Russian hackers attacking America’s cyberspace. The statement came following the G20 conference in Hangzhou. The official brought up the issue during the summit. There was anti-Russia hysteria in the United States prompted by declarations that Russia has convinced Republican nominee Donald Trump to be on their side. Previously, there were reports that Trump has converted to the Kremlin and is helping the country undermine the United States.

“We have had problems with cyber intrusions from Russia in the past,” Sputnik quoted Obama, although he clarified that the United States will not simply resort to “cycle of escalation.”

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“What we cannot do is have a situation where this becomes the wild, wild West, where countries that have significant cyber capacity start engaging in unhealthy competition or conflict through those means,” said Obama.

US Starts Probe

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the U.S. president do not make threats idly. The White House has started investigation on Russian intervention during the 2016 president campaign, and after the letter of Senator Harry Reid to FBI Director James Comey suggesting Putin could change the results.

More importantly, another report from the Telegraph said that Obama urged Putin not to allow cyberspace become the next “wild, wild west.” Specifically, Obama had a 90-minute meeting with Putin during the sidelines of the summit. The official described the meeting as “candid, blunt and businesslike.”

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  • Christina Mallory

    There is constant reference to Putin and “the hand of the Kremlin” in this election season. The Democrats seem to be using these references as part of a smear campaign against their opposition. I feel sure that this is a very dangerous rhetoric and one that is being used so they can subliminally get Americans used to the idea that Russia is our enemy. This way, we won’t be so surprised when their already decided on war is declared. I, however, fear that the alliance between China and Russia could mean a more formidable enemy than we are ready for.

    • Bob

      Well observed. All these articles and Russia hysteria is pushing the public to accept the notion that Russia is evil and needs to be stopped. This is scary and by and large the accusations untrue.