WW3 Scenario: NATO Setting Up Biggest Reinforcement Since Cold War Vs Russia?

WW3 Scenario: NATO Setting Up Biggest Reinforcement Since Cold War Vs Russia?
Jens Stoltenberg Policy Networks (user:Flickr) / Wikimedia cc

NATO has been investing on forces, which many analysts believe is the biggest since the Cold War. In fact, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that the alliance will be seeing the “biggest reinforcement since the Cold War,” but to what extent and against would still need to be determined.


NATO’s Reinforcement

“We will deploy four robust, multinational battalions to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. I welcome Canada’s recent announcement that it will lead one of these four battalions,” RT quoted Stoltenberg during the pre-summit press event.

In fact, the report also added that the NATO members may also possibly agree to “further enhance military presence in the eastern part of the alliance” during the next summit in Warsaw.

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“We will also agree to develop a tailored presence in the southeast, based on a multinational brigade in Romania,” he added.

Likewise, cyberspace will also be seen as a crucial platform for NATO’s collective defense. Stoltenberg said that the alliance will most likely consider “as an operational domain, alongside air, land and sea.” NATO will also be seeing a boost in defense spending.

“We expect a real increase of 3 percent in defense spending by European allies and Canada. This amounts to $US8 billion,” the official said. 


In another note, NATO will also be fighting the threat from ISIS as NATO leaders are expected to approve the use of AWACS surveillance aircraft to support the U.S.-led coalition that are fighting against the extremist group. In fact, NATO’s chief expressed that he expects the alliance summit in Warsaw will come into terms regarding NATO’s new role in the Central Mediterranean. This is the same region where the European Union has sent ships to curb cases of human trafficking.

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    Current US and Russian military strength, compared in hypothetical scenario: