WW3 Scenario: NATO Plots More Assertive Move Against Russia

WW3 Scenario: NATO Plots More Assertive Move Against Russia
NATO AWACS Stig Andersen / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Tensions in the European region persist as Russia and other nations including NATO continue to counter each other. As military activities heighten up, some say that Europe may have realized its mistake in “isolating” Russia although NATO does not seem to realize the same thing.


European leaders should be aware now that the policy seeking to isolate Russia did not work. Furthermore, external threats have also emphasized that close cooperation is necessary. According to Russia’s envoy to NATO, the alliances’ diplomatic show is doubtful considering the block’s policy targeted Russia.

“Many Europeans are starting to realize that a policy of isolating Russia has failed, that common threats demand united efforts based on true cooperation, that the same states [NATO members] are cooperating with us on key security issues outside the Russia-NATO format,” RT quoted Aleksandr Grushko, Moscow’s permanent representative at the alliance.

Grushko also emphasized that NATO’s confusing approach to Russia such as pursuing both a dialogue but also ramping up military buildup will only be harmful to the interests of the alliance.

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“It is clear that if NATO continues to implement policies announced at the 2014 Wales Summit, it will hurt the Alliance’s own interests,” he said.

However, NATO appears to be intent in developing a military build-up in light of tensions with Russia. According to Euractiv, NATO foreign ministers have started finalizing the biggest build-up yet since the conclusion of the Cold War.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg explained that the meeting would tackle “all important issues” to establish as benchmark for the summit in July in Poland.

“We will discuss how NATO can do more to project stability… and at the same time address how NATO can continue to adapt to a more assertive Russia to find the right balance between defense and dialogue,” Stoltenberg said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry added that NATO will be creating a defensive stance on the eastern region. Furthermore, the official added that the alliance has to “continue to strengthen our deterrence capabilities through a more robust forward presence.”

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