WW3 Scenario: NATO Hints Objection On Brexit, Says Britain Important In War Against Russia

WW3 Scenario: NATO Hints Objection On Brexit, Says Britain Important In War Against Russia
Jens Stoltenberg Policy Networks (user:Flickr) / Wikimedia cc

Recently, NATO expressed a hint of objection towards Brexit as it considers Britain’s stay in the European Union to be the key for trans-Atlantic security.


On Wednesday, chief of the NATO alliance said that Britain must be in the European Union as it will aid common efforts to fight violent extremism and aggression from Russia.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg made these statements one day before British voters are to cast their votes in a national referendum on EU membership, said ABC.

“It’s up to the people of Great Britain to decide whether to remain or leave,” Stoltenberg told.

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“But what I can do is tell you what matters for NATO. A strong U.K. in a strong Europe is good for the U.K., but it’s also good for NATO.”

According to Stoltenberg, the world is confronting so much uncertainty and unpredictability, with looming terrorist threats; specially with a more dominant Russia in the east.

Thus if Britain quits the European Union with the help of Brexit, it would be quite harmful.

He believed that a more divided Europe will be devastating as it would only contribute to the uncertainty which is surrounding the world.

NATO and the EU are right now implementing increased efforts to cooperate on a range of issues. These issues consist of fight against cyberattacks and widespread instability in the Middle East and North Africa.

Stoltenberg discussed another issue of the “terrorist threats” projected by the Islamic State group and other extremist organizations.

According to CBS News, Stoltenberg feels that a strong Europe and a strong NATO is needed to jointly address all these challenges. He also stated that Briatin is the chief tool to make sure that the joint efforts actually take place.

Britain is the holder if two major positions as it belongs to both the US – led NATO military alliance and also within the European Union economic bloc, like 21 other European nations. Britain is also one of the founder members of NATO.

Stoltenberg termed Britain to be “a bridge” and a leader. Britain is a champion when it comes to representing closer cooperation between NATO and the EU. And a Brexit would change that forever.

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  • Scout Dedalus

    backing russia into a corner is worse. neo fascism isn’t cool, y’all.