WW3 Scenario: NATO Dangles Ultimatum, Russia Chooses War

WW3 Scenario: NATO Dangles Ultimatum, Russia Chooses War
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NATO made it clear that it will stop Russia and it intends to do it more aggressively. However, even with calls from the EU and other world powers to stop things from escalating, Vladimir Putin just sent advanced air-defense missile system to Crimea that could possibly spark war. Will NATO succeed in defeating Russia or is it the other way around?


NATO to force Russia to beg on its knees

During Warsaw summit NATO told the world what the alliance would be focusing on: Russia. The alliance even committed to more troops deployment to stop “Russian aggression” sparking concerns about a possible nuclear war brewing. It is also not helping that NATO has been building up stockpiles of weapons in European countries near Russia. If Vladimir Putin decides to respond then the countries where the weapons are would most likely be the first targets.

“Capability to carry out a responsive strike used to be a persuasive deterrent. But there is no relative security of nuclear parity any more. Russia and the US openly accuse each other of creating existential threat,” Pravda said in its report citing insights from doctors and peace activists Leif Elinder, Anders Romelsjö, and Martin Gelin.

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It is also important to understand that the United States is also building its own arsenal around Russia which could also contribute to a very dangerous and volatile stiuation. Based on what NATO and the other Western countries have been doing, it appears that the alliance wants any of the three things from Russia: surrender, anticipate NATO to do the first strike and be unable to retaliate or to deliver the first strike and be considered a direct threat.

Vladimir Putin wants war

This is not the only thing that has got people worried about a possible world war. Putin also just send his army’s most advanced air-defense missile systems to Crimea following tensions with Ukraine and reports of Russian servicemen killed in Crimea by Ukrainian agents. The EU has condemned any more actions that will contribute to the tensions.

“We reiterate our condemnation and non-recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea,” National Post quoted European Commission spokesman Alexandre Polack.

“There has been neither concrete evidence provided by Russia sustaining its claim nor any independent confirmation of the claims made by Russian authorities.”

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  • Freeis Tomiimsi

    more scare media. The USA cannot start a war with Russia without starting a war with China. The only solution is a nuclear war.
    Nothing will ever happen.

  • EWOKM8?

    You guys are worse than the crazies who keep preaching about the end of the world. At least they don’t predict BS every single day..

  • David Detrick

    This is propoganda. Russia does not want war. The United States is the protagonist. Russia, iran and China are a few of the major countries that are not controlled by the central banking monopoly owned by the world elite. The United States government is bought and paid for by the central banks and is being set up as the antagonist scapegoat for global conflict against its citizens wishes.