Israel Fires Sea-borne Iron Dome Missile Interceptor

Israel Fires Sea-borne Iron Dome Missile Interceptor
Tamir Adir YouTube/Times of Israel

Israel has successfully conducted the test fire needed for its newly developed sea-borne missile interceptor, which is capable of shooting down short-range missiles from a moving vessel.


The new missile interceptor, which is called as the Iron Dome of the Sea, was developed by the Israeli Navy to counter missile threat from different militant groups in the Gaza Strip, which poses a serious problem to the country in the past years.

The Iron Dome was deployed to guard Israel’s offshore exploration activity, particularly its gas platforms offshore. Although the Iron Dame has been under development for the past years, it’s only been unveiled to the public Wednesday following the successful test fire, the Times of Israel reported.

The Tamir-Adir radar system was the main backbone of the Iron Dome, but a few configurations and adjustments have been made so as to fit the functionality of the missile interceptor to be able to function on a moving vessel.

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According to a report from Reuters, during Wednesday’s test fire, the Iron Dome has successfully shot down short-range ballistic missiles coming from a moving boat. The report noted that Israel’s Iron Dome batteries have been proven effective in shooting down 90 percent of ballistic missiles from Palestine.

Israel’s offshore short-range ballistic missile interceptor is the country’s most recent military asset augmentation in order to meet the need for defense assets upgrading. Before, Israel can only counter and intercept an approaching missile midair from its land-base missile interceptors.

The same technology has its obvious limitations, but with the unveiling of the offshore Iron Dome, Israel is more confident that it can protect its most precious assets offshore from militant groups from the Gaza Strip. Israel’s energy needs is heavily dependent on its local source and an attack on one of its gas platform will have a major blow to its economy and energy source sufficiency.

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