WW3 Scenario: Discreet North Korean Submarine Detected In Disputed South Korean Border

WW3 Scenario: Discreet North Korean Submarine Detected In Disputed South Korean Border
North Korea — Pyongyang (stephan) / Flickr CC

The tension on the Korean peninsula has reached an elevated level after North Korea sent coded broadcasts after 16 years, and a discreet submarine was spotted near the border.


Tensions between the two Koreas are building up in recent days after authorities from the United States, South Korea’s strongest ally, released reports of the North’s recent activities seen to further escalate the conflict in the peninsula.

Coded Broadcast

After 16 years of “silence,” South Korean anti-spy authorities detected coded broadcast coming from the North. For Kim Dong-Sik, a former North Korean spy now working for the South Korean government, the North’s revival of the old ways is something that should not be ignored, he told the New York Times.

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The two Koreas had agreed to end Cold War schemes, which could further escalate the conflict between the two nations, in a meeting in 2000. South Korean authorities described the code as if someone was giving an instruction for a mathematics assignment.

“Turn to Page 459, No. 35; Page 913, No. 55; Page 135, No. 86,” the code reads, continuing for around 14 minutes.

“We should assume that the North is using the radio broadcasts to communicate with its agents here or is at least using them to train spies,” Kim told the New York Times.

Missile, Submarine

But other than the revival of North Korea’s old ways in sending coded radio broadcast, the North was accused of sending discreet missile to the western coast of the Korean peninsula, the UPI reported.

The report noted that at least two or three North Korean submarines were spotted emerging from the water after the south beefed up its surveillance in the peninsula, which would carry on in the coming months, the report noted.

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