WW3 Scenario: China Rising As Nuclear Power Nation

WW3 Scenario: China Rising As Nuclear Power Nation
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The United States cited China as one of its top threats previously. The countries continue to butt heads and just as things are escalating in the South China Sea region, there is a new report saying that the West along with Russia and India are in fact driving China’s nuclear progress. Will China be the top superpower?


Pentagon said in its report to the Congress that the defense capabilities of US, Russia and India are pushing China to progress its nuclear force. The Pentagon also claims that China is trying to bolster its strategic strike capabilities.

The report also said that China was issuing new command, control and communications capabilities to its nuclear forces to enhance control of multiple units when in the field. Additionally, China claimed that the development of mobile missiles, warheads on top of penetration aids and multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), are necessary in light of US aggression.

Russia consequently has been building its arsenal as well. Russia has been improving its missile defense and precision strike capabilities as well according to Silicon India.

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“Similarly, India’s nuclear force is additional driver behind China’s nuclear force modernization,” the report said, citing a Pentagon paper. According to the agency, the country has been looking into a series of technologies to catch up and become more resilient to the defense systems of other countries including the US.

Some concerned technologies include thermal shielding, ballistic missile defense systems, decoys, chaff, jamming, maneuverable re-entry vehicles (MaRVs), and MIRVs.

China blasted Pentagon’s report where it also claimed that the country is militarizing the South China Sea in an alarming rate. China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun claimed that such report “severely damaged mutual trust.” The official also expressed “strong dissatisfaction” and “firm opposition” about the said report.

“China follows a national defense policy that is defensive in nature,” Reuters quoted Yang.

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