WW3 Scenario: 10-year-old Warriors To Fight For Russia?

WW3 Scenario: 10-year-old Warriors To Fight For Russia?
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Russia is not taking any chances when it comes to its military force as the country will start pushing training school children for military skills. The Russian defense ministry will conduct the initiative through revived Soviet-era organization called Yunarmiya as Russia gets caught in tensions with other nations and NATO across the globe.


Russian kids to be Young Army

Russian school children will soon learn how to assemble rifles under a new initiative from the Russian defense ministry. An organization called Yunarmiya or the Young Army will teach pupils as young as 10 years old to assemble assault rifles, shoot, learn parachute jumping and master military history as well as military tactics.

According to The Independent, the movement was just launched as a initial scheme in Yoraslavl city. It could go nationwide sometime around September. Russia’s Ministry of Defense claimed that such initiative will help address “acute demand for the growing sense of patriotism and service to the country.” While military education has been existent in schools, the ministry wants make sure that the country’s “growing number of patriotic military movements” will become more structured. The training will not be compulsory, according to officials.

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However, not everyone is happy about the plans.

“Attempts to militarize children are a violation of their rights,” explained Valentina Melnikova, head of a soldiers’ rights group in Russia.

Another resident added: “Since the Russian-Ukraine conflict started the surge in nationalism is big, so it’s not surprising that this type of programs is being reintroduced.

“Most people take this stuff in stride. But Putin’s propaganda machine is extremely effective.”

Russia-NATO Clash

The initiative comes at a time when tensions between Russia and NATO are at an all-time high. According to the Moscow Times, the clash between Russia and NATO is no longer a fiction. Dangerous imbalance forces are rising in the Baltics with NATO and Russia trying to tell the other is more aggressive than itself. The report stressed that the challenge for NATO now is to convince Russia and that any war could mean full-scale war.

“To this end, it is not necessary to deny Russia a victory in the Baltic states. It is necessary to deny it a quick victory. This is a doable task, but that does not mean it will be done. There also is no certainty that Putin’s Chekist testing and probing of weakness will not provoke a tougher response than he can safely manage,” claimed the report.

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