Is This WW3? Russia’s 7th-Generation Sukhoi Jets In The Works

Is This WW3? Russia’s 7th-Generation Sukhoi Jets In The Works
Sukhoi Su-34, Sukhoi Su-24M, Sukhoi Su-27, Sukhoi Su-30, Micoyan & Gurevich MiG-29 Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
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Russia continues to work on its military prowess as new reports suggest that the country is now working on sixth- and possibly seventh-generation fighter jets for future warfare. With talks of impending World War 3 and tensions with other countries, will Russia put the jets into use soon enough?


Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia’s Sukhoi design bureau presented blueprints of sixth-generation fighter jet development. “I’m referring also to new design concepts briefly presented by the Sukhoi design bureau and by the general designer appointed for all aircraft systems and armaments,” TASS quoted the official. “They have really come up with the designs for the creation of the sixth-generation fighter,” the official added.

Furthermore, Rogozin said that the country’s aircraft building industry is testing the fifth-generation fighter presently. The official added that looking ahead of things is important to push Russian aviation further.

Commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces Viktor Bondarev added that the sixth-generation fighter jets are also being tested both in manned and unmanned iterations. “Therefore, the work is going on – on the sixth and perhaps the seventh (generation) fighters,” the official confirmed.

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Russia is still in the middle of the fire as several world powers expressed their concern on the country’s true agenda in Syria. Some are also doubtful whether Moscow can honor the fragile ceasefire deal. US Air Force General Philip Breedlove called out Russia saying that the country is exacerbating the problem. Russia has barely done anything to stop IS and has focused on supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the official said as reported by Sydney Morning Herald. Breedlove also added that the IS “spreading like cancer” as they mask their movements and people through refugee flow into other countries. “This criminality, the terrorists, and the returning foreign fighters are clearly a daily part of the refugee flow in Europe,” said General Breedlove.

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  • Sergei Popkov

    NATO true intention was to destroy the Syria Irag and Lybia and use it as oil fields for EU. They don’t care if millions die. They was always going for weakest country’s in the world, beginning from last Century. Why are you not reporting this Silva?

    • The Douchetag

      Because it’s obviously bullshit. If that were true, the U.S. would already have taken the oil to cover the MASSIVE EXPENSE of cleaning up the mess in Afghanistan. The invasion of Iraq was inexcusable, but Afghanistan was absolutely necessary and asked for.

  • Viper Driver

    What a bunch of nonsense this article is. Russia can’t even build a 5th generation fighter as the PAK FA (T-50) is a failure. The T-50 is NOT stealth, has poor performance numbers which is why India who was funding the project pulled the plug.

    Moscow had claimed that there would be 200 T-50s in operation by the beginning of 2016. Well, Russia just cut the production numbers down to maybe 12. The only people that believe what Russia says are the uneducated illiterates of the world.

  • Love One Another M

    A lot of anti-Russian propaganda is coming from the mouth of Breedlove.
    He is like MacCain. Lot’s of hot air in his speeches.

  • umesh2063

    Russia is much better than terrorist WARMONGERICA. In front of the world US kept barking it wants to wipe out ISIS, but actually it kept waiting for ISIS to weaken Syrian govt so that US backed rebels will take over the country. what a hypocrite terrorist WARMONGERICA is.

  • The Douchetag

    “With talks of impending World War 3”

    WHAT TALKS? You’re full of shit. This is embarrassing garbage, and you’re incompetent.