WW3: Russia Launches Warship for War, Britain and US to Destroy World Peace

WW3: Russia Launches Warship for War, Britain and US to Destroy World Peace
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Russia will not be sitting around as nations prepare for its supposed threat. According to reports, Moscow has a new warship that is second to none while US and Britain are about to disrupt world peace in order to counter Vladimir Putin. Will the world see the next world war soon?


A new report confirms that Russia could have better capabilities than NATO’s vessels in the future. A sophisticated gun is expected to be included to Russia’s warships in the future that will make them better than NATO’s, as reported by Russian newspaper Izvestia.

Russia Launches Warship for War

According to Sputnik, the Russian Navy has been looking into putting unique high-precision digital 76 mm automatic gun into its missile ships and boats. The report added that Russia’s vessels are expected to contain NATO’s warships that come with Italian-made Oto Melara guns. Russia’s ships, on the other hand, should come with the АК-176МА that features an all-weather electro-optical system that is comparable to a sniper rifle.

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“It said that the new gun’s combination of high ballistic performance with an electronic management control system add to the AK-176MA’s complete superiority over its main competitor, the 76-mm gun made by the Italian firm Oto Melara, which is used by the ships of more than two dozen countries,” Sputnik quoted the newspaper.

Britain and US to Destroy World Peace?

According to another report from The Express, Britain and NATO plus its allies are trying to push the world into the brink of chaos. Russian diplomas claimed that the nations and the alliance are trying to militarize Europe which could also threaten world peace.

“NATO members continue to build up their anti-missile potential in Europe as part of their so-called phased adaptive approach.

“We have repeatedly expressed our concern over the placing of strategic infrastructure in the direct vicinity of our borders as this affects our interests in the security sphere,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

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