WW3 Full Out Soon? US, Russia Race For 6th Generation Fighter Jets

WW3 Full Out Soon? US, Russia Race For 6th Generation Fighter Jets
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The United States and Russia have always been in sort of competition on different fronts but most particularly in military power. According to new reports, both nations are racing to develop sixth-generation fighter jets on top of differing opinions on Iran.


Russia and the United States are reportedly working on concepts for sixth-generation fighter jets. Specifically, both nations are supposedly nearing completion of their US’ F-35 and Russia’s T-50 programs which emphasizes the move to next generation jet fighters, according to Sputnik. Previously, the F-35 program ran into cost overruns and computer problems while the T-50 was delayed because of engine issues. Fortunately, both countries are now moving forward in a possible race for the next generation lethal fighter jets.

“If we stopped now, we would stop for good. Work on a sixth and, probably, a seventh-generation are underway. I don’t have the authorization to say much more than that,” explained head of Russian Aerospace Forces Viktor Bondarev earlier in March. Russia remains reportedly secretive on the concept but the US military industry already published a number of concept designs for tenders. Additionally, both countries are supposedly looking into managing unmanned fighters and drones.

Nonetheless, this might not just be the area that the United States and Russia may clash in the future as the two nations remain divided over Iran missile tests. The United States claimed that Iran’s test fire of two ballistic missiles in the previous week breaches a UN resolution while Russia believed otherwise.

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“A call is different from a ban so legally you cannot violate a call, you can comply with a call or you can ignore the call, but you cannot violate a call,” ABC quoted Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin.

“The legal distinction is there.” Moscow further claimed that there were no details if the missiles can contain nuclear weapons on board. There was no breach of resolution unlike what U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said. The US official said that the testing “could invite additional sanctions.”

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