WW3 Fears Soar As Russia, Turkey Big War Looms

WW3 Fears Soar As Russia, Turkey Big War Looms
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Russia and Turkey are not showing signs of stopping as tensions continue to escalate in Syria. The West recently refuted Russia’s push against Turkey while Moscow is reinforcing its troops in its Armenia base near Turkey. As warned before, concerned parties and analysts said that failure to reconcile the differences of the two countries could lead to WW3.


Russia’s goals in Syria appears to be simple, according to analysts. The country is ready to fight should its interests be threatened. Turkey, on other hand, seems to be looking into more ambiguous things, according to Global Research. According to the analysis, Turkey appears to be ready for an invasion at certain points while at other times, it emphasizes its disinterest over such.

There have been consistent talk about how high ranking Turkish military commanders technically oppose any attack on Syria and that they do not want to engage in a war with Russia. It appears that only President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to engage in conflict. The president maintained that Turkey has rights to conduct ops in Syria. “Turkey has every right to conduct operations in Syria and the places where terror organizations are nested with regards to the struggle against the threats that Turkey faces,” RT quoted the president in a Hurriyet newspaper. The president also insisted that Turkey’s position has “absolutely nothing to do with the sovereignty rights of the states that can’t take control of their territorial integrity.”

Additionally, the US also seems to be siding with Turkey on this one as Al Jazeera reported Western Powers rejecting Russia’s proposed UN resolution to stop Turkey’s cross-border shelling in Syria. The draft, which was presented during an emergency Security Council meeting, stipulated that it wants to “cease any actions that undermine Syria’s sovereignty.”

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If Russia and Turkey engage in direct confrontation, they will be dragging along with them their powerful allies. Turkey is a strong NATO and United States ally. The alliance can invoke article 5 which states that an attack to an ally is an attack to all. If NATO comes in defense of Turkey, Russia will have its counter-move: China. This scenario spells an outright WW3.

Francois Delattre, France’s UN ambassador said that the existing military escalation is “the direct result of the brutal offensive in the north of Syria led by the Syrian regime and its allies.” Russia should see that supporting Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad leads to a “a dead end that could be extremely dangerous.” Nonetheless, Russia is not taking any chances as it just deployed several fighter jets and a transport helicopter to its airbase in Armenia near the border with Turkey, according to Press TV.

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  • fred yaghooti

    russia will make turkey to change name to chicken

    • Zoe Butcher

      Not quite. Turkey shot down a Russian jet, fred, not the other way around, and Putin can bluff with tactical nukes all he wants, Putin must be forgetting the U.S. has a stockpile of active nuclear icbms numbering around 50 stationed there in Ankara, Turkey. Putin can think all he wants about using them and even threaten to do so, but IF he does, his entire country will be reduced to a glowing desert of glass and bones and he will likely end up six feet under as well.

  • John

    Another mess started by the Americans.

    • Zoe Butcher

      How is this the U.S.’s fault? We didn’t invite Russia to defend war criminal Assad. We didn’t start the Sunni/Shia coming ME war. We aren’t the ones carpet bombing Syria into dust, that’s Russia. Russia wants to be the big bad player on the international stage, let them. They break it, they own it, John.

    • Aminor Amajor

      you might like to read Armanian’s view” http://armenianweekly.com/2016/02/24/turkey-roll/

  • Vladislav

    Turkey is going to march into Syria alongside the Saudis. USA is supporting this invasion of yet another country to its long track record of countries is has directly and indirectly invaded.

    WW3 is coming.

  • The world Zionist powers are pushing for WW3 because they can’t get their way with changing Syria into another Libya, an overthrown, destroyed war zone to be easily manipulated. Zionism is pure EVIL.

  • Evil_Annie_2015

    It is time for the US to take a clear stand. Either you remain there and support Turkey and engage the Russians or get out. Most people are fearful of a war between the US and Russia just because of nukes. Well, no nukes will be used in Syria and the conflict will be limited to conventional only which will end up in Putin being humilliated.

    • Zoe Butcher

      I wish Turkey would have a bit more patience, Annie. The U.S. has long used the Kurds as a proxy fighting force and then abandons them once we get them to clear out whatever forces we wanted them to, so if Turkey would just wait a bit longer, they’d see the U.S. is and has always been a staunch ally and supporter of Turkey. We have helped you build up your military into a top-tier superpower level group of military forces, and we have watched you begin to develop your own weaponry and defensive systems in-house, which is the sign of a truly powerful country taking charge of it’s own future.

      I am very proud for Turkey to be at this juncture, and hope the best for Turks. Do not worry about Putin’s juvenile idle threats on the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The U.S. will not allow them to do it number one, and number two, Putin seems to be forgetting we have about 49 nuclear icbms parked inside Ankara, Turkey. Let the thug Putin give it a try. He and his imperialist criminal country will be blown all the way back to their miserable depressed nation of ignorant and poor feckless citizens who swallow propaganda like water from river, if Putin is crazy enough to give it a go, Turkey and the U.S. will be sure to have reduced Mother Russia to nothing more than a glowing desert filled with glass and bones.

      • Evil_Annie_2015

        Exactly. No country will use nukes first. Putin has bet on Obama being weak, but Erdogan will not be easily pushed around. I also agree that Turkey should just wait a little bit ans see how things unfold. At the end, in an open conflict Russia will come out weaker, and his navy in Crimea will be boxed in the Black Sea if Turkey decides to close the straits.

        Personaly, I do not want the US to be there without a clear objective because it just makes things worse and makes the parties involved more anxious and nervous.

        • Zoe Butcher

          100% agree. We, the U.S. should just get out of the way of Erdogan and let the scenario play out and give Putin plenty of rope to hang himself with so-to speak. There’s no particular reason we need to be there anyway. If Putin dared to drop a nuke, the Turks have the codes to our shared nuclear icbms so Erdogan is in the dominant position.