WW3 Fears Flare Up, Russia In 300 Miles Of US Mainland

WW3 Fears Flare Up, Russia In 300 Miles Of US Mainland

Russia is almost done building chains of new military bases in the Arctic, just within 300 miles of U.S. mainland. Moscow has also unveiled the blueprint of military bases to be built in the Pacific, near Japan. Russia and Japan did not sign a formal peace treaty since the World War 2 ended.


Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said Russia has no plans of keeping its military development in the Arctic region, specifically on Kotelny Island, off the eastern Siberian coast. “We are not keeping this a secret: we have practically built a base on the Novosibirsk Islands… This is a big military base, there was no such base there in the Soviet period,” Shoigu said as quoted by RT News. Shoigu also announced that the construction of the military base will be finished in 2016-2017 and Russian forces will eventually be deployed in 2018.

According to RT, same developments will also be made on Wrangel Island, on the eastern coast of Chukotka; on the Kuril Islands; and at Cape Schmidt. A related report from The Express cited a military source saying that Russia is optimistic that placing military base close to U.S. mainland will give Russia its advantage in any moment that an all out war erupts.

The Express also reported that Russia’s planned military development in Kuril Islands is just within 20 miles from Japan. Once plans are completed in the island, Russia will have troops, warplanes and military vehicles stationed in the region. This shall worsen the already complicated relations between the two countries, The Express noted.

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In early October, The Telegraph reported that Russia has the ambition of building a military “arc of steel” stretching from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. Adm Mark Ferguson, commander for the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa, told The Telegraph that Russia’s military advancement is considered a direct challenge and confrontation” against NATO. Russia is seemingly sending a signal that seas in the region are now “contested space.”

Russia has also been developing vehicles that make will make its activity in the region more convenient. TASS reported that scientists from Omsk State Technical University have developed an unmanned aircraft that can travel across the arctic.

“This is the third generation of UAVs, which can operate in temperatures ranging from minus 40 to plus 45 degrees with wind up to 15 meters per second, in rain and snow,” Pavel Pogarsky, who leads the team of scientists, told TASS. The scientist further explained that the unmanned aircraft is developed with an operating range of up to 100 kilometers, flight time of 3.5 hours, flight ceiling of 5,000 meters and speed is 120 kilometers per hour.

Russia’s Tractor Plants on the other hand is developing an unmanned cross-country vehicle compatible for carrying goods in and out of the Arctic, TASS said in a separate report. “We seek to reach such a level at which five vehicles, arranged in a caravan, by using the GLONASS system could deliver goods from one point to another by a preset route without man’s involvement, i.e. fully automatically,” said Albert Bakov, vice president of the Tractor Plants.

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