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WW3 To Erupt In UK: Russian Warships, Royal Navy To Battle In English Channel?

WW3 To Erupt In UK: Russian Warships, Royal Navy To Battle In English Channel?
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WW3 To Erupt In UK: Russian Warships, Royal Navy To Battle In English Channel?

A Russian aircraft carrier is making its way towards the UK.

The fleet, which constitutes an aircraft carrier and other warships, have reached close to the waters near Trondheim, Norway, and are expected to arrive at the U.K. soon. They will execute practice bombing north of Scotland.

Subsequently, Russia’s flagship Admiral Kuznetsov and seven other vessels will sail through the English Channel, towards Gibraltar, and finally through the Mediterranean Sea before reaching the Syrian coast.

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According to BBC, the fleet is deemed the most powerful to sail in northern Europe since 2014. The group will join the combat mission currently underway in Syria.

“UK and NATO assets routinely monitor warships from other nations when they enter our area of interest and this will be no different,” a Royal Navy spokesperson said.

To escort the Russian vessels past U.K., British warships – HMS Duncan and HMS Richmond – have been deployed, as reported by the The Times. Arriving at the Syrian coast, the flagship will stay there for half a year, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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Russia has lately been accused of provocative maneuvers, particular in the Baltic region. Patrolling around the airspaces of NATO countries have been beefed up by Russian warplanes. In one such move, Russia deployed nuclear capable Iskander missiles to the Russian Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad; something condemned by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, further referring to the move as an “aggressive, open demonstration of power.”

Russia’s role in the Syrian conflict, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to move nuclear ready missile close to the border with Poland, has caused a deterioration of its relations with the West. The tensions with Russia and the West are leading the world to a “dangerous point,” according to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

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