WW3 Begins: Putin Deploys Missile Cruiser After Turkey Shoots Russian Jet

WW3 Begins: Putin Deploys Missile Cruiser After Turkey Shoots Russian Jet
At meeting on investigation into the crash of a Russian airliner over Sinai President of Russia / Flickr cc by 4.0

The prospect of World War III is not very far off in the horizon, and Turkey might the one to blame for that. In response to Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet along the Syrian border, Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed missile cruisers in Syria, dismissing military communications with Ankara to instruct his men to destroy potential threats without warning.


At first glance, it may seemed like it is Russia versus Turkey, but the situation is far more complicated than that. Turkey is a strong NATO ally. NATO has 28 member countries, including U.S., not to mention Turkey is in Syria as part of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the ISIS. Russia has China, Brunei and Iran in its side of the arena.

Morning News USA has been watching closely and reporting consistently the ripe tensions between Russia and NATO. Worst case scenario is an impending nuclear war.

Elsewhere, numerous reports say that Turkey shot down the aircraft after it was warned 10 times in five minutes to leave Turkish airspace. However, Putin knew the story was far more than that. There was an ulterior motive: Russia found that ISIS had been moving large amounts of oil and petroleum products to Turkey. “This explains the significant funding the terrorists are receiving,” Mr Putin said in a statement. Part of Russia’s overall strategy in its fight against the ISIS is to weaken its financial source, so it actively targeted and destroyed key oil depots controlled by the terrorist organization.

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“Our aircraft was shot down over Syrian territory by an air-to-air missile launched from a Turkish F-16 plane. It fell on Syrian territory, four kilometers from the Turkish border. When it was attacked in the air, it was flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters, one kilometer away from the Turkish territory. In any case, our plane and our pilots were in no way a threat to the Turkish Republic in any way. This is obvious,” Mr. Putin outlined.

Mr. Putin was not particularly happy the incident took place in spite of signing an agreement with his American partners to prevent air incidents. “As you know, Turkey is among those who are supposed to be fighting terrorism within the American coalition. Now they are stabbing us in the back by hitting our planes that are fighting terrorism,” he said. He was further disappointed that instead of immediately establishing contacts with Russia, Turkey turned to its NATO partners to discuss the incident. “As if we had hit their plane and not the other way around,” he said.

The Russian president vowed that Turkey’s downing of the Russian jet will have significant consequences. He called the incident a stab in the back delivered by the terrorist’s accomplices – Turkey.

Sergey Rudskoy, a top official with the Russian General Staff, was adamant that Turkey shot down the Russian jet without attempts of contact. Initial investigations showed that the strike was carried out with a close-range missile with an infrared seeker, he told press as quoted by RT.

Russia’s guided missile cruiser has been deployed to Syria. It is the flagship vessel of the Russian Black Sea fleet. “We warn that every target posing a potential threat will be destroyed. All military contacts with Turkey will be suspended,” Rudskoy declared.