WW3 In Baltic Sea: Russia Dangles “All Necessary Measures” Against America

WW3 In Baltic Sea: Russia Dangles “All Necessary Measures” Against America
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0
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Russia, despite its alleged dangerous maneuvers against the US military, has accused the United States of resulting to intimidation. As Moscow vows to use “all necessary measures” if need be, its president, Vladimir Putin has a new security force that will answer to him. Is Russia making the preparations for world war?


It’s a tense time between Russia and the United States as interests over the European region clash. The two countries have several near encounters in the Baltic Sea which led to each party condemning the acts of the other. Moscow stands firm on its ground saying that the United States should stop with its acts of intimidation. Furthermore, Russia’s ambassador to NATO said that Russia will explore “all necessary measures” should further incidents arise.

“It’s better to talk than not to talk,” Fox News quoted Alexander Grushko. The official also added that Russia and NATO relations will not improve  “without real steps on NATO’s side to downgrade military activity in the area adjacent to the Russian Federation.”

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Even with such warnings, the United States continue to demonstrate support to those in the European region. According to CNN, it just sent two of the world’s most advanced warplanes to Romania, near the shores of the Black Sea – just some distance short from Ukraine, Crimean Peninsula and Russia. The deployment comes right after Russian fighter jets buzzed America’s warship in the Baltic Sea.

On top of this, Russia’s president is making sure he is also ahead of the security game with a new internal security force. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Kremlin is putting together the force that will answer directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The time comes just before the parliamentary elections. Viktor Zolotov will head the Russian Gard. Zolotov was Mr. Putin’s personal bodyguard for 13 years. The creation comes after Putin created an executive order now going through review at the lower house of parliament.

“We believe we can…reduce the cost of having various services,” said Putin. He also added that the security force will be crucial in tightening control over the arms trade and to add to counterterrorism efforts.

There is also another side to the story.

“This is really about upcoming elections and the possibility of mass unrest,” said Boris Volodarsky, a former Russian military intelligence officer.

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