WW3 Alert: US Unleashes War On All Countries That Go Against It, Russia and China First In Line?

WW3 Alert: US Unleashes War On All Countries That Go Against It, Russia and China First In Line?
From President of Russia CC BY 4.0

The United States’s bid for power may have backfired causing more havoc than peace as intended. According to Bashar Assad, the country is now causing the collapse of states possibly waging war on those who oppose – consequently, Russia and China have been vocal opponents of the United States on many political issues.


“United States builds its position on hegemony over other states and it has been the case since they took advantage of the USSR collapse and established unilateral control over this world up to this day,” RT quoted the Syrian president.

President Assad also added that the United States has been using the excuse of intervening with the affairs of foreign countries for peace whereas its goal is to subject them to American authority.

US Unleashes War On All Countries

“Today, the United States are waging wars with the only goal to cement its project of total control by launching attack on everyone, who opposes its dominance,” said the official.

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“What is happening in Syria is an attempt to save what is left from the American and western hegemony in the world,” Assad said.

Assad further noted that Washington has been using ideas like “terrorism”, psychological and economical methods. However, one of the most significant blows still remains the biased coverage of the conflict according to the official.

Things are also not looking up as Russia recently took U.S. State Department Spokeperson John Kirby’s words as a direct threat. 

“The consequences are that the civil war will continue in Syria, that extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which will include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources – even, perhaps, more aircraft,” said Kirby. 

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