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WW3 Alert: US Goes All Out To Destroy Russia, Syria Truce Void

WW3 Alert: US Goes All Out To Destroy Russia, Syria Truce Void
Barack Obama delivers statement on US Consulate attack in Benghazi Sep12, 2012 Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson/ Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


WW3 Alert: US Goes All Out To Destroy Russia, Syria Truce Void

The United States and Russia have been gunning for each other for quite some time, and now, more than ever, following the collapse of the Syrian truce. According to analysts, the United States is planning serious attacks against Russia despite condemning the Kremlin for supposed attacks and war crimes in Syria. Is the United States truly threatened by Russia?

US Goes All Out to Destroy Russia

According to a Russian expert, the U.S. is really out to get Russia, and the world should expect the worst.

“I think they mainly want to save their country in its role of Master of the Universe, which they are losing. They feel their weakness better than we do, aware that most countries no longer want to continue as obedient stooges, either morally, or spiritually, or politically,” explains Leonid Reshetnikov via Global Research.

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“Now they have the only one option – hit the enemy to show their force – maybe he will back off. This would start with removing our president…”

Andrey Afanasyev, one of the authors, also said that there have been talks about assassinations.

“We should have no illusions. Today’s United States of America is interested only in one thing – destroying Russia as a civilizational, geopolitical, military and political rival — as well as an economic rival, with its treasure trove of resources,” said Reshetnikov.

Syria Truce Void

Aside from the plan of the United States to generally destroy Russia, tensions between the two countries have never been higher. The United States just called out Russia’s “barbarism” in Syria. Likewise, according to Reuters, it appears that a diplomatic solution to tensions in the region could not be reached because of the differences between the two nations. Russia denied previously that it attacked a humanitarian aid convoy.

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