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WW3 Alert: US Bombs Russia and Prepares for War

WW3 Alert: US Bombs Russia and Prepares for War
Coalition Airstrike on ISIL position in Kobane Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from the Suruç, Turkey/ Kobane, Syrian border; “Turkish Border Towns Hosting Thousands of Kobani Refugees” / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


WW3 Alert: US Bombs Russia and Prepares for War

Times have never been more tense between the United States and Russia as the two countries continue to collide heads in Syria. Furthermore, recent actions by the United States in the region have also led many to believe that it is in fact waging war against Russia. Is the third World War just around the corner?

Last September 17th was a tensed time for Syria as US forces bombed Syrian army at Deir ez-Zor. Around 60 soldiers were killed but apart from the fatalities, the strike had other consequences. It has become apparent that the United States is ready to wage war against Russia, according to some analysts.

Syria Bombing

“It is completely obvious that the US is preparing to start a war against Russia. Border incidents represent reconnaissance operations. But how will Moscow, Putin, and the Kremlin react? The point of no return has not yet been crossed, but did Moscow’s reaction not show just how many Russians are ready for a direct, frontal confrontation with the US and NATO? This was why the airstrike was launched against Syrian army positions,” noted Global Research.

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War Starting?

According to the report, America and NATO’s ideologies including their need to become the superpowers have prompted a need to start a war. It seems apparent as well that NATO is backing America’s initiative.

According to another report from RT, NATO just rejected  air-safety proposals made by Russia which would have required military planes and other aircrafts to keep their transponders on when flying over the Baltic. NATO officials were cited saying that the proposal would do little to enhance the air safety. RT claimed that such response is unusual given NATO’s constant scolding of Russia for allegedly flying its planes over the region.

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