WW3 Alert: Ukraine And Russia War To Go Nuclear? Expert Warns People To Drop And Cover

WW3 Alert: Ukraine And Russia War To Go Nuclear? Expert Warns People To Drop And Cover
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World peace is an elusive thought these days, especially with tensions rising across the globe as linked to Russia. NATO and the U.S. are determined to deter Russia, and now, another country claimed that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is indeed planning a new invasion. Can Russia succeed conquering Ukraine, or will the Kiev fight to its grave?


Ukraine and Russia War to Go Nuclear?

Ukraine expressed concerns over Putin planning to invade territories. Since the annexation of Crimea, relations between the two countries have been on the tricky side, and now, it is not hard to see why the Kiev is concerned about Russia planning another invasion.

Moscow has decided to build up troops on its borders in almost the same fashion it did when it annexed Crimea two years ago. However, despite the alarming show of force, there are experts who claim that Putin will more likely try to amend things through diplomacy terms than going to the battlefield.

“It’s about sanctions,” Global News quoted Andrey Kortunov, director general of the Russian International Affairs Council, told Reuters.

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“It looks like a way of increasing pressure on Western participants of the Minsk peace process,” he added.

Expert Warns People to Drop and Cover

Another report from PR Newswire noted that the world could be on the verge of a nuclear war following Putin’s remarks and the situation with the U.S. presidential elections. The report cited Putin’s expression before that “if it’s Hillary Clinton it’s war.”

Consequently, Clinton likened Putin to Hitler for challenging to foreign and political affairs across the globe. Not to mentionRussia feels threatened with the presence of anti-missile systems in Romania along with NATO’s troops nearby.

“Russia is not the only nuclear threat in this age of proliferation,” added Jane M. Orient, M.D., president of Physicians for Civil Defense. “The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been aware of the possibility of improvised nuclear devices packing a yield of 10 kilotons (comparable to the Hiroshima bomb) since 2006.”

Orient noted that civilians could suffer from the consequences of what has been happening on the global stage. “For civilians, there are no shelters and little-to-no information,” she added. “The most basic knowledge, that could save more lives than anything else, is usually ridiculed if mentioned at all. That is: if you see a bright flash, drop and cover.”

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