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UK Ready For Nuclear Attack, NATO Positions Troops Against Russia – Report

UK Ready For Nuclear Attack, NATO Positions Troops Against Russia – Report
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UK Ready For Nuclear Attack, NATO Positions Troops Against Russia – Report

It is a never-ending loop of political tension and power plays in the European region that has everyone rattled. The United Kingdom is reportedly looking for ways to alert citizens about nuclear attacks, while NATO has plans to deploy 4,000-strong troops in an attempt to deter Russia. Will Russia succeed in its bid to destabilize Europe?

UK Ready to Warn Residents About Nuclear Attack

Russia has denied several times that it plans to start a war or invade Europe, but many are not convinced, considering the country’s recent actions in Ukraine and its massive military mobilizations.

As some officials from Moscow reiterated previously, the country plans to make sure that in order to protect interests, it could result to nuclear war; thus, countries like the United Kingdom have reportedly started preparing.

For one, a report from the Daily Star claims that the government plans on informing citizens about an impending nuclear war through text. According to the report, the government may be planning on using social media as a means to help citizens learn what’s happening and what to do should the situation gets worse.

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“The fundamentals of the types of actions individuals can take to protect themselves from nuclear, chemical, or biological hazards have not changed since the 1970s and 80s,” said a Home Office statement on a Freedom of Information request.

“But technology and communications developments have opened a wide range of very powerful tools to disseminate information rapidly from broadcast through to the internet, SMS text messaging and social media.

“Research has shown that simple and effective communication with victims of a nuclear, chemical, or biological emergency is vital to a successful response.”

NATO Positions Troops Against Russia

Another report from RT confirms that NATO is preparing around 4,000 troops against Russia. The force is expected to be “deterrent” and “fighting” – with deployment plans set for next May in the Baltic region.

“This force is to serve as a deterrent and if necessary as a fighting force. The rules will be different,” said Czech Army Gen. Petr Pavel.

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