WW3 Alert: UFOs Are Coming After Us, Russia To The Rescue Or Not?

WW3 Alert: UFOs Are Coming After Us, Russia To The Rescue Or Not?
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Another war may be brewing, but not among our own race. New reports suggest that a secret army of UFOs are plotting war against Earth, and Russia may be in the middle of it. Could UFOs be the next big conflict we have to face?


UFOs Coming After Us

People are familiar with UFOs, but not many are aware of their underwater counterpart USO -unidentified submersible object. The idea may not remain hidden for long as a new book sheds light on the matter.

There has been an old saying that people know more about the moon than the world’s seas and oceans, with the study of USOs being the case in point. For years, people reported about unnatural sightings in the sea, but no one could ever really give a proper explanation.

Many of the explanations, however, are believed to be contained within the files of Soviet and Russian Navy. While the majority of the information remains secret, some have filtered out.

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Mirror has reported that these details revealed in the new book of authors Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle. The book tells the tales of Soviet and Russian Navy encounters with unexplained objects. Some of this possible underground army include swimmers larger than men, giant objects, and submerged spaceships.

Russia to the Rescue or Not?

The Daily Star also reported that the authors claim that the Russian government has been trying to debunk witnesses who tried to make their knowledge about the alien life forms public.

“The Soviet Union’s military fleet commanders guarded its secret of the USO subject and those witnesses who tried to go public were swiftly ridiculed and their sightings were officially debunked. “But despite their best efforts USO reports were made public and no matter what the Soviet officials tried to do the USOs will not simply go away,” Mantle told Mirror.

“Our knowledge of the depths of the seas and oceans and large lakes is very limited – it is said that we know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the oceans.”

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