WW3 Alert: Russians Evacuating To Nuclear Bunkers?

WW3 Alert: Russians Evacuating To Nuclear Bunkers?
Sukhoi Su-34, Russia – Air Force AN1646787 Oleg V. Belyakov – AirTeamImages / Wikimedia Commons cc by 2.0

With tensions between Russia and the United States reaching levels not seen since the Cold War, both countries are preparing for the possibility WW3. Recently, Russian state-media asked citizens whether they are ready for a nuclear attack telling them to the nearest nuclear bunkers.


This comes following signs from Moscow suggesting that the country is preparing for a confrontation with the US and the West. Still, many don’t believe that Vladimir Putin is seeking, let alone preparing, for a full-fledged armed conflict with the United States.

According to ABC, most political and military analysts instead see it as a show. This is likely intended to boost support at home and to deter Western countries from intervening militarily in Syria.

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However, there are several things that point to a potential Russian mobilization against the US. Tensions between the two countries are currently heating up over the conflict in Syria.

Russia Preparing Citizens For Possible WW3

While both agreed to cooperate in order to destroy ISIS, Russian support for the Assad regime continues to strain the fragile alliance. Following speculations that Washington might launch airstrikes against Syrian government forces, Russian state-controlled media has escalated the situation, asking Russians whether they are prepared for nuclear war.

State-controlled network NTV reported that “If that should one day happen, each of you must know where the nearest bomb shelter is.” These talks of nuclear bunkers bear striking similarity to the times before the Second World War. Ordinary citizens were told to prepare for an inevitable war and children were required to wear gas masks.

According to the Daily Star, it seems that Russia is fanning the flames of war amid fears of WW3. The country held civil defense drills for 40 million citizens in an apparent preparation for an apocalyptic nuclear war.

What are your thoughts about the Russian government warning their citizens about preparing for WW3? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Casey Kahoona

    The East won’t take on the West because they know better…..

    • KBMcD

      Are you stupid? Russia has 1200 more nukes than the USA. And Russia is sailing 8 nuclear armed ships within missile reach of the USA east coast. Wake the hell up!!!

      • Casey Kahoona

        Numbers are nothing Russia to scared the US still has upper hand, and will continue to have upper hand. If US so bad then why don’t Russia or China war it out with the US? because morally the West are the good people.

      • ShaneJax

        Makes perfect sense for both countries to be utterly destroyed and the overall world following right behind with a nuclear winter…You’re not real bright.

        • Michael Lamont

          Shanejax- you’re not too bright my friend… are you dumb enough to believe that because something has never happened before, that it will never happen? Let me educate you… Qatar wanted to build a pipeline through Syria and a few other countries to feed to Europe… Europe currently gets oil from Russia through a competing pipeline.. taking the money from Russia via the pipeline would cripple the Russian economy… Assad did not sign off on the new pipeline knowing it would hurt his ally Russia.. that’s why Russia is so heavily involved in Syria.. they created a no fly zone and threatened the US with any further attacks on Syrian forces (which is in attempt to remove Assad to build the pipeline… Obama discussed on Friday possible attacks on Syrian forces undermining Russia and crossing the red line to war between the two superpowers… your butt hole had better be puckered my friend… you back a dog into a corner, they will bite.. not wanting to go to war because it would destroy the world does not matter when you make a threat… Russia has made their threat .. if we strike Syrian targets, and they don’t strike us, we will have called their bluff… I’m willing to bet Putin is not as big of a cowherd as the man we have in the White House… you have no idea what’s going on, so pipe down