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WW3 Alert: Russian Su-35 To Take On Pentagon’s F-16 As Tension Rises

WW3 Alert: Russian Su-35 To Take On Pentagon’s F-16 As Tension Rises


WW3 Alert: Russian Su-35 To Take On Pentagon’s F-16 As Tension Rises

Political tensions are often matched with military capabilities, and the very same thing is happening between the U.S. and Russia. Moscow’s new cutting-edge new aircraft is expected to trounce on Pentagon’s F-16, and with this comes rising tensions in Syria as the Kremlin and Washington throw accusations and exchange war of words.

Defense and national security writer Kyle Mizokami asserted that Russia’s weapon could outgun Pentagon’s. Mizokami noted that the F-16 is “seriously outmatched by a new generation of Russian and Chinese fighters.”

Russian Su-35 to Take On Turn Pentagon’s F-16

The Su-35 features a heavily upgraded version of the Sukhoi Su-27. Likewise, it has also been considered a 4++ generation aircraft produced since 2007.

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“The Su-35 may not be stealthy, but it can detect and engage the F-16 before the F-16 can detect it, and this puts the American plane at a big disadvantage. In a one-on-one fight, the F-16 will probably not even be able to get the Su-35 into dog fighting range, where the smaller fighter’s legendary maneuverability would come into play,” wrote Mizokami.

It is important to note that there is a glaring difference between the Sukhoi PAK FA and the F-16. According to the analyst, PAK FA’s “stealthy design will ultimately mean F-16s won’t even detect their adversaries before they realize they are being targeted by beyond-visual-range guided missiles, launched by aircraft only visible on radar for the brief moment their internal weapons bay doors are open.”

Tensions Rising

On another note, as tensions rise with Russia, there have been calls to the United States and its European allies to take steps to keep the Syrian truce. According to Japan Times, the allies have pressured Moscow into permitting unfettered humanitarian assistance and to stop the Syrian regime’s “indiscriminate” bombing of its own regions and people.

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