WW3 Alert: Russia, Turkey Chilling New Plan To Annihilate NATO?

WW3 Alert: Russia, Turkey Chilling New Plan To Annihilate NATO?
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0

Turkey and Russia have gone from friends to foes, and now friends again. Some analysts claim that the alliance are brewing a chilling new era, which could be dangerous or harmful to NATO’s agenda to countering Russian aggression. Can Russia and Turkey succeed and bring down NATO and the U.S.?


Russia and Turkey Chilling New Alliance

Politics is a mind-boggling game that turns enemies into foes in the blink of an eye. Previously touted sworn enemies thanks to the downing of Russia’s plane, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are now in talks for possible cooperation. Experts believe that Erdogan’s turn to Russia could result to a “chilling” alliance as Turkey could be Russia’s ticket to making its expansion plans succeed.

The failed coup changed the dynamics in the European region as Turkey’s leader calls Russia’s Putin his “friend.” The leader has also called for increased cooperation between Ankara and Moscow in light of the “new page in bilateral relations.”

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According to the Express, this should be alarming to NATO’s allies, because this demonstrates how further Western relations have degraded in the region following the failed coup.

NATO has been putting Russia in a negative light that new support for the latter could mean new opposition for the former. 

Russia Can Outgun Britain

Even more alarming is that a new leaked report suggests that the Russian army could, in fact, outgun British troops should they meet on the battlefield. According to The Telegraph, the information came from an assessment by the British Army’s warfare branch, as per The Times.

The report warned that Russia has weapons like rocket launchers and air defense systems that are far superior than their British counterparts.

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