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WW3 Alert: Russia Threatens US, False-Flag Attack Could Trigger World War

WW3 Alert: Russia Threatens US, False-Flag Attack Could Trigger World War
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WW3 Alert: Russia Threatens US, False-Flag Attack Could Trigger World War

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear that Moscow is prepared to protect its assets if the United States makes a move in Syria. Furthermore, experts warn that a false-flag attack could trigger the next world war.

“This is a very dangerous game given that Russia, being in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country and having two bases there, has got air defense systems there to protect its assets,” Press TV quoted the Russian foreign minister in his interview with the Russian state TV’s First Channel on Sunday.

Russia Threatens US

Moscow has been sending warplanes to attack terrorists in Syria since September 30, 2015 since Damascus’ formal request. Lavrov also noted that outgoing US President Barack Obama may not be ammenable for the scenario. The official also said that the reason behind Washington’s so-called war on terror in Syria is questionable.

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“US bombers very often return to the Incirlik Air Base [in Turkey] or to other bases they use, with unspent ammunition. There is a high frequency of flights, but the efficiency is very low. Some estimates put it at 15 to 20 percent,” Lavrov said.

False-Flag Attack Could Trigger World War

Nonetheless, an expert says that Washington and Moscow will not likely go into a direct conflict until a false-flag attack prompts those two nations to go into war. According to Veterans Today Jim W. Dean, even if Russia and the United States are involved in a war of words, it will not likely lead to a confrontation “unless somebody does something really stupid.” The expert also said that a direct war between the two countries could be inevitable is another third party decides to execute “a false-flag terror attack,” as noted by another report from Press TV.

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