WW3 Alert! Russia To Retaliate Against NATO, US

WW3 Alert! Russia To Retaliate Against NATO, US
Nuclear Submarine President of Russia / Website CC
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After NATO and the United States bared its plan to augment its military deployments in parts of Europe, Russia warned of retaliatory measures and says it won’t just sit and see as things unfold in the region.


It can be recalled that on Monday, U.S Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced NATO’s plan to rotate four more battalions of troops in NATO member states in eastern Europe, as previously reported by Morning News USA. This, despite the rising tension between Russia and the U.S in the Baltic region.

According to a report from the Swiss Info, Andrei Kelin department head of Foreign Ministry of Russia, said the recent pronouncement made by NATO in its plan in the eastern Europe has caused concern for Moscow.

“This would be a very dangerous build-up of armed forces pretty close to our borders. I am afraid this would require certain retaliatory measures, which the Russian Defense Ministry is already talking about,” Kelin was quoted as saying by the Swiss Info.

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Kelin was referring to Russia’s plan to create three new military divisions on top of the country’s plan to bring at least five new nuclear missile regiments, which will be strategically located in vital locations.

In a separate report published by the Russian newspaper TASS, Russia Defense Minster Sergey Shoigu said the two military divisions will be set up in the Western Military District, while the other one division will be set up in the Southern Military District, to protect the country’s borders from NATO troops.

“The Defense Ministry is taking a number of measures to counteract the buildup of NATO forces in the immediate vicinity of Russian borders. Two new divisions will be set up in the Western Military District and one division in the Southern Military District until the end of the year,” Shoigu told the TASS newspaper.

Shoigu said that the construction works are already ongoing in some sites as of this writing. The Russian Defense Minister added that the country is using its most advanced construction technology to hasten the construction process and complete the project as soon as possible.

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  • Walt Longmire

    As a former Cold War warrior, I think about the only thing America has done right is to move to fortify East Europe while glupy Putin was playing down in Syria was one of the smartest things that the Obama administration has done in the last 8 disastrous years. We out-maneuvered Mr. Putin, the KBG thug who can’t think very well. But he is Russian, so we understand that limitation. But they drink Vodka well, eh?

    • Lizard

      Eight disastrous years? Hey, Skippy. Please remind us what the DOW was and the unemployment figures were when Bush Clown left office? I’ll go get the popcorn.

      • Walt Longmire

        The Obama years will go down in history as one of the least productive presidencies ever. He has been a virtual disaster, unable to grasp any of the events going on around the world. Even his liberal friends have pilloried him in a number of books as being a failure in moving the nation forward. A big-time loser.

        As for the DOW, we now know the truth: When the Dow is up, people hurt while the rich get richer. When the Dow tanks, people get relief, and the rich complain a lot. The Dow is a meaningless measure of anything, really.

        I was not a Bush fan, but a hearty opponent. But Obama was not the answer, but rather an aggravation of an already bad situation.

  • G8r

    “NATO’s plan to rotate four more battalions of troops in NATO member states in eastern Europe, as previously reported by Morning News USA. This, despite the rising tension between Russia and the U.S in the Baltic region.”
    Despite? You do know what despite means, right? These moves are done ‘despite’ these tension, they are done BECAUSE of these tensions. NATO’s Eastern European members have been begging for NATO assistance due to repeated Russian aggression against it’s neighbors.
    The fact that it’s ONLY four battalions is a bit of a let down. Plus in typical insecure Russian fashion, they respond to four measly NATO battalions with three DIVISIONS. Seriously? Sounds like a case of LDS.
    But then again… I guess four NATO battalions vs three Russian Divisions sounds about even. 🙂

  • Riv Vers

    What would a president Hillary do about Putin and shoigu’s aggressions?

    • Lizard

      She’d send you to the front lines, Patriot.

    • Fuck Hillary, warmongering Goldman Sachs puppet cunt.

  • Lizard

    Russia and its vodka-soaked clown armies are broke. Putin is lucky his citizens haven’t fled the country yet.

    • You sound like a lizard, your slithering lies give you away.

  • More provocation from the USA, the nation that has been bombing and killing using it’s proxy army ISIS to overthrow the rulers of the middle east. At least Putin is a nationalist, not a spineless wimp, kissing the heels of globalist bankers.