WW3 Alert: Russia Preparing For Atomic War, Putin Has Nuclear Bunkers Ready

WW3 Alert: Russia Preparing For Atomic War, Putin Has Nuclear Bunkers Ready
During the first Nuclear Security Summit Republic of Korea / Flickr CC
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Russia is preparing for war. Not just any war, though. According to reports, Vladimir Putin is putting things into play by building nuclear bunkers to prepare for what’s about to happen. Will nuclear war cause the end of the world?


Russia Preparing for Atomic War

In what seems to be an apocalyptic turn of things, security experts are fearing that Russia will push the world on the brink of a nuclear war. Moscow and the West are currently engaged in a tense battle over Syria on top of tensions in the Baltic region and NATO drills.

According to the experts, it appears that Russia’s top man has taken matters into his own hands and has started investing heavily on decking out top-secret facilities around Moscow should there be war.

According to The Sun, the president ordered the construction of a 400-square mile facility in the remote wastes of the Ural Mountains because they expect future conflicts to take place in the region. Likewise, the report added that there were satellite images to back up the claim and reveal the activity near Mount Yamantau.

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Putin is Ready for War

“The possibility of nuclear war between America and Russia not only still exists, but is probably growing,” Express quoted Dr. Loren Thompson, top defense expert from Lexington Institute.

“And the place where it is most likely to begin is in a future military confrontation over three small Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,” the expert added.

“History may one day record that the greatest strategic blunder in history was the failure of U.S. leaders to take the possibility of nuclear war between America and Russia seriously once the Cold War ended.”

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