WW3 Alert: Russia Prepares For Mega Nuclear War

WW3 Alert: Russia Prepares For Mega Nuclear War
Vladimir Putin Jedimentat44 / Flickr cc
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Russia has ignited fears that a mega nuclear war is on the horizon, following reports of a massive mushroom cloud over Siberia. Apart from fears that Russia will start a nuclear war, there are also talks that Moscow is ready for war. Experts seem to agree: Russia wants a world war.


Nuclear War Up in the Works?

Since Russia’s efforts in Crimea and its succeeding activities in Syria, Ukraine, and Asia, many are inclined to believe that the country wants to invade the world. Previous reports about Russia’s nuclear arsenal increasing instead of decreasing have sparked concerns. Not to mention a massive mushroom cloud spotted in Siberia recently ignited fears that a nuclear weapon was detonated.

According to a report from the Daily Star, people in the Kemerovo region were alarmed after seeing the smoke, considering how high tensions are between NATO and Russia.

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“Local emergency services report receiving a high volume of calls by petrified town residents fearing that the end of days was upon them,” the Daily Star quoted an account from Sputnik.

While people turned to social media amidst the confusion, Russia officials clarified that the spotted disturbance was an anvil thunderstorm cloud. However, despite clearing that up, there are still evident fears about what could happen between Russia and NATO as the former seems ready for war.

Russia Prepares for War

According to a report from National Interest, Russia is preparing for war. However, parties like the United States and Kiev should not readily think that it’s out for a world war.

“As stated above, I believe the Russian military is indeed preparing for an all-out war. However, that is what generals in all countries do. It is their job to prepare for worst-case scenarios and large-scale strategic exercises are meant to test the military’s readiness for such a development,” the report said.

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  • Doom Sternz

    Lieutenant General Frederick Ben Hodges visits Ukrainian army positions at Mariupol. On August, 28 delegation of the Command of the US Armed Forces in Europe visited the tactical group “Mariupol” of the Ukrainian army. The US general was inspecting the troops under his command, obviously US/NATO is now at war with Russia, most Americans just don’t realise it. The US is now openly at war with China and Iran also, and most Americans don’t realise that either. This war will not end until either the US or Russia/China/Iran is destroyed.

    • George Evans

      plenty of people told them not to mess with President Putin….

  • Wizard of Langley

    This is the worst kind of “journalism” shit that you guys write at this Morning News USA Website. This shit is purely stupid. All your “stories” are about “nuclear war” but you leave out the part about how the Russians are planning to work with the next U.S. president and all the other plans they have to continue to build their businesses and industries. You guys should quit this shit. It’s old and dumb.