WW3 Alert: Russia Prepares Attack On Europe In 48 Hours, Putin To Obstruct All Points

WW3 Alert: Russia Prepares Attack On Europe In 48 Hours, Putin To Obstruct All Points
Navy Day celebrations. Vladimir Putin visited the Aurora cruiser. President of Russia website CC BY 4.0

The threat of Russian aggression grows by the day, and now, Europe is bracing itself for a possible attack. According to the issued warning, it will only take Russia 48 hours to invade the region, possibly choking integral points like air and sea lanes. Will Europe collapse under Russia?


Putin to Obstruct All Points

Europe is at the mercy of Russia, according to a top military mind. More importantly, at the onset that Russia attacks, Europe has no plans to thwart it off. In fact, Russia could be so powerful it could choke Europe’s air and sea lanes if it wants to.

Gen. Philip Breedlove warned that Russia could intercept U.S. reinforcement to Europe should there be war. It has been known that Russian radars, missiles, and strike planes — “Anti-Access/Area Denial” systems – have threatened aircraft and ships by the Black Sea, Baltic and Eastern Europe.

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“If we are in a shooting war with a big nation to the east, do you believe you will cross the Atlantic uncontested, either in the air or on the sea?” Breaking Defense quoted Breedlove.

“The unobstructed crossing of the Atlantic to fight a war on the land mass in Europe, I think, is a thing of the past,” added the official.

“We need to think about our ability to defend our capability to reinforce Europe.”

Russia Prepares Attack on Europe in 48 Hours

Another top military official, former NATO chief, General Sir Richard Barrons, said that Russia is able to deploy ships and troops to Europe within just 48 hours if it wants to. He also warned that Europe is weak at the moment because France, Germany and Italy have failed to take the Russian threat seriously.

“If you list all the military capability that Nato has, it has a lot more than Russia, but because most of it exists in this semi-dormant state there is a window of opportunity where . . . Russia could use its smaller forces to tweak Nato in a way to which Nato would be very pressed to respond because it doesn’t have any plans to do that,” the Independent quoted the official.

Barrons said that should there be no consensus then there is only one common denominator: nothing will happen.

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  • Gabe Trammell

    Just some more fear mongering BS! Try writing a real articular sometime!

  • mik mak

    What a pile of unconfirmed bullshit. You have the means to publish to a wide audience yet you write this crap. Your editor is either a fucking retard or a child with unsupervised access to a PC. Do youself a favour, shut down this fucked up version of a news publication , buy a caravan and move to the outback of Canada….as near as you can find with a huge population of grizzly bears, sleep with the door open. Your a complete CUNT !

  • Corolla Sedan

    WHAT A PITY MORNING NEWS USA that your crap could not be used for manure on the farms and feed hungry Americans.Even sparrows on the roof know who is agresor.

  • Propamander

    This is all a load of pixie dust. The globalists rattling sabers to scare the shit out of us all. If you understand the globalists’ intentions then you can easily shred the designed-to-confuse rhetoric of Generals Barron and Breedlove.

    First of all the article is dated as written more than a month ago, so what happened to the 48 hours? …. all designed to instill alarm and panic in the people. The globalists must be fought by we the people and kicked out of America, nor with guns, either, – the same way Putin tossed them out of Russia.

    “Europe is at the mercy of Russia, according to a top military mind.” ???

    Technically that’s correct, if her allies do not come to her defence – meaning UK, Canada, Australia NZ, Israel Saudi Arabia, Turkey and past colonies, with other smaller nations together with the U.S. But would they not? Of course they would. What do you think NATO has been doing since the Warsaw Pact dissolved back in 1999? Engaged in a concerted and vigorous expansionist policy – drip by drip stealing nations out from under the Russian Federation’s umbrella to weaken Russia and is still doing it.

    That’s what The battle in the Ukraine is about – stealing The Ukraine. Compare a NATO map of Europe today with a NATO map of Europe in 1950. Why invest all that work, expense, military cost and loss of life in NATO over the last 60 years, to then have allies stand on the sidelines and watch Russia take over Europe, allowing it to become more powerful than the Western allies? Makes no sense at all and is bizarre.

    Besides what sort of statement is “according to a top military mind”??? That’s not military speak. That’s ‘take no accountability for telling a lie’ speak. No-one is named, not even attributed to a nation. It’s a red herring statement as obvious as a pair of dogs balls.

    Then we get …. “NATO would be very pressed to respond because it doesn’t have any plans to do that” . Eh? Don’t respond? No plans, not even for a defence? Just let Russia walk in? I’ve never heard anything so bizarre in all my life, but it get’s more comical, Further down we read that, “US Launches Bombers to Frighten Russia, China And North Korea” !!

    NATO is predominantly funded by America, so its military might is predominantly supplied by America. If NATO is fighting, America will be right there alongside. NATO has never had “no plans”. Its a war machine. That’s all it does. It is the primary global mover and shaker, the quintessential global provocateur, baiting the enemy. If this rhetoric were serious, ” … a threat difficult to stop” !!! …why would America be taunting the enemy if it thought it meant losing Europe to the enemy, because Europe “has no plans” to defend itself?? I’ve never heard so much gobbledy gook and deliberate spin in all my life.

    It’s an obvious psy op. Whatever the intention, it ain’t serious but we are none the wiser. Obviously, it is designed to scare the shit out of the people and I think we will hear a lot more of this kind of “build-up” up talk, until the people are so spooked Americans & Europeans will believe they need to agree to martial law. That’s the globalists goal – no elections in the U.S. and eradicate democracy – the globalists greatest obstacle and keep the puppet in the White House. They almost have a socialist dictatorship in Europe with the EU, run by a bunch of unelected Eurcrats in Brussels. They don’t want Trump. They want a Democrat, but not Hillary – Obama, their puppet. That is the business they are in, installing puppet governments.