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WW3 Alert: Russia Goes On The Offensive, Taunts US Into War?

WW3 Alert: Russia Goes On The Offensive, Taunts US Into War?
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WW3 Alert: Russia Goes On The Offensive, Taunts US Into War?

Concerns have been raised about the situation in Syria. Russia and the United States continue to go against each other. As the talks on the truce falls, Russia recently posted a provocative statement taunting the United States that Moscow could launch its “air defense systems” to America. Will the world plunge into world war?

Tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets predicted recently that there could be “direct military confrontation” on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis if the situation in Syria does not improve. There have been several newspapers voicing fears of a “Third World War” as Russia, and the U.S. continue to push the tensions further.

Russia Goes On The Offensive

“The stakes are higher than Syria,” paper Moskovsky Komsomolets predicted a potential new war, via The Sun.

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“Should Russia defend its ally or consider striking against the Americans but this would definitely lead to a Third World War,” it said.

“Russia can win big in Syria but it can also lose big too. We must not forget that in Syria we are playing an astonishingly risky game.”

However, as with turn of things, Moskovsky Komsomolets added that even the nation’s fighters are not confident in going to war with the United States. According to some fighter pilots, the best strategy is to take down a few coalition forces although this would lead to a full-scale war.

Russia Taunts US To War

Additionally, the Russian government has been ratcheting up warnings to the United States via Twitter. According to Fox News, the country claimed that U.S. should not interfere with Moscow’s operations in Syria as it could use its air defense systems to possibly shoot and American aircraft.

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