WW3 Alert: Russia Declares War Against NATO With Laser Cannons, Member States Urged To Prepare For Conflict

WW3 Alert: Russia Declares War Against NATO With Laser Cannons, Member States Urged To Prepare For Conflict
At a military sports festival held to mark Navy Day President of Russia cc by 4.0

Vladimir Putin is waging war against his enemies by showing off plans for a new warship. The warship equipped with laser cannons is expected to “outgun every NATO vessel” as tensions between the parties continue to escalate. Will Russia win this new World War?


Russia Declares War Against NATO

Russia’s president intends to rule the waters as plans for a new nuclear-powered stealth destroyer, called the Leader, surfaced. A nuclear reactor will power the 17, 500 ton vessel. It is expected to come with a missile that can travel across the world fast and in stealth. Additionally, the vessel will carry laser weaponry and electromagnetic guns. It will be fitted to the battleship with nuclear core power.

According to Daily Star, defense analysts warned that space-age battleships may be powerful enough to outgun every NATO ship. The futuristic technologies are expected to cost Putin around £1.4 trillion in research, and the rest of the Krelmin kingpins, around £244 billion.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that Russia has been increasing its efforts with its shipbuilding program. This year alone, Russia is expected to complete 43 new navy vessels.

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NATO Urges State Leaders to Prepare for War

The plans are expected to create more tensions with NATO, as both parties have been at odds with each other. While Russia prepares its weapons, NATO’s top brass have encouraged political leaders to be ready as soldiers. Specifically, as NATO’s soldiers prepare to fight a war in Europe, political leaders should be ready on how to react when conflict escalates.

“It’s one of the lessons from Ukraine,” Financial Times quoted General Denis Mercier, former head of the French air force and now supreme allied commander for transformation, considered one of top two military jobs in the alliance.

“High responsiveness relies on two points. On the military side it relies on the ability to operate very quickly. But it also relies on responsiveness in political decisions.”

The official added that while NATO’s troops are preparing for rapid military escalations, government heads in the member states should be ready as well.

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  • JCDavis

    “Russia Declares War Against NATO”

    Isn’t this paper the slightest bit embarrassed by publishing such propaganda? You don’t declare war by designing a ship. How stupid can you get?

  • K McLean

    I be sure to look at the next piece of crap coming from this outfit! Aside from a crappy sad Russia propaganda story, the US MilitARY ALREADY HAS LASER CANNONS!