WW3 Alert: Russia And China To Destroy US, But Beijing Plans To Betray Putin?

WW3 Alert: Russia And China To Destroy US, But Beijing Plans To Betray Putin?
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC
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What's This?

Tensions are high as Russia and China go against the United States. As the West tries to isolate both countries in the European and South Asia region, the two nations have come together to fight a common enemy. Will Russia and China defeat the U.S., or will the latter turn things around?


Russia and China to Destroy

Analysts warned before that if the United States continue to push Russia and China’s buttons, the two countries could come together to fight a common enemy. Despite warnings, it appears that the United States may be going in that direction, forcing an alliance between the two world powers.

Beijing is already fuming with the U.S. intervention in the South China Sea, and it does not help that Russia is going against NATO, which is a American ally.

According to the Daily Star, experts now warn that China may be forced to fight a way with the U.S., and its alliance with Russia could play a major role. Russia is set to join China in a series of naval exercises that will simulate amphibious troop landings and defensive operations through a program called the Joint Sea 2016. However, as with other military efforts, China played down fears of conflict.

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“This is a routine exercise between the two armed forces, aimed at strengthening the developing China-Russia strategic cooperative partnership,” said Yang Yujun of China’s defense ministry.

Beijing Plans to Betray Putin?

However, there are contentions that China might be looking into booting Russia out of Syria. According to Pravda, Russia should refrain from putting all its eggs in one basket, because the country never knows what will happen if it tries to bet on just one alliance.

“Syria is not far from this corridor, which should become a center for the integration of the vast region, including the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia and Northern Europe, with India joining the project,” explained Boris Volkhonsky, the deputy head of the center for Asia and the Middle East at RISI.

“The fact that China has ‘soft power’- investment – and Russia has ‘hard power’ is not a question of competition – this is a question of complementarity,” the expert said.

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  • truth

    IndiA should align with RussiA

  • Anonymous

    What the author doesn’t understand or trying hard to ignore is that they are a part of SCO and BRICS. This could be a plan by brics members to aid the reconstruction process of Syria and Iraq through their development bank.

    This could be thought out strategy by brics nations to replace the west in West Asia with East Asian countries playing the leading role not as individuals but as a group, each good at a certain task. One good in military operations in Russia, one in sustainable security in China, one in reconstruction in India.

  • NotImportant

    Is the author smoking crack?