WW3 Alert: Russia Attacks NATO, Eyes Europe Next?

WW3 Alert: Russia Attacks NATO, Eyes Europe Next?
T-90S Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Russia will not sit idly by the sides waiting for NATO and U.S. to come to its borders. Moscow is now reportedly stepping up efforts against the buildup while attacking NATO, claiming that the alliance is forcing the world to adjust to a different security system.


Russia’s Plans in the Arctic

Moscow is preparing a buildup of its own against NATO and U.S. forces close to its borders. Specifically, Russia is stepping up on its northern defense. On top of the Navy and Aerospace Defense Forces, the country is banking on troops from the ground forces to deliver the necessary boost despite extremely harsh climactic conditions.

According to Sputnik, quoting Oleg Polevoy and his analysis on the website PolitRussia: “while Arctic motorized rifle units appear from time to time in the Russian media, the general public knows little about them; collecting information from television and newspapers is a painstaking process.”

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In fact, according to the journalist, for a long time, “the only infantry unit in the entire Russian North was the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade at Pechenga, Murmansk Region. That unit was established in 1997 on the basis of the old Soviet 131st Motorized Rifle Division… It’s obvious that a single brigade for the defense of territory including the entire Kola Peninsula and Chukotka was, to put it mildly, insufficient, but it’s good that it was least was preserved in the 90s.”

However, things are different now. According to Polevoy, times have changed, and Russia is slowing coming to life. Foreign parties are alarmed with it.  

NATO Forcing Russia Into New Reality

Such is the case that NATO has decided to step up and boost its forces near Russia’s border. The alliance has dubbed its planned measures as a way to deter “Russian aggression,” but Moscow argued that the organization is just following a make-believe idea.

“We believe these measures are superfluous, counterproductive, they are confrontational, essentially weakening pan-European and regional security while bringing us back to the safety models of the Cold War era,” RT quoted Russia-NATO Council meeting Russian envoy to the body Alexander Grushko.

The official lambasted NATO and said that the organization is forcing Moscow “with its actions to adapt our military strategy to a new security situation.”

The official raised alarms over the NATO missile shield deployment in Europe. While NATO forces the idea that Moscow is a threat, the country is doing what it sees needed to “ensure its security.”

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  • erik fosterling

    Your claim is that the more we push Russia the more we are pushing them to modernize and creating a scarier Russia. They are completely harmless Ukraine will say so its self well half of it anyways. There will awlays need to be an antagonist and we are for each other. They push us we push them technology goes further its all in good fun until an ICBM gets launched i suppose, till then i want to play in the next war games i am really awesome at command and conquer risk and strategio.