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WW3 Alert: Retaliatory Means Ordered By Vladimir Putin, To Target US West, East Coasts!

WW3 Alert: Retaliatory Means Ordered By Vladimir Putin, To Target US West, East Coasts!
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WW3 Alert: Retaliatory Means Ordered By Vladimir Putin, To Target US West, East Coasts!

According to a WW3 alert circulating in Kremlin, Vladimir Putin has authorized the Ministry of Defense to “immediately retaliate” against the U.S. on the West and East coasts.

WW3 Alert: Russia’s Retaliation

The retaliation against the Obama administration will reportedly be conducted by targeting both coastal regions of the United States. These would involve a “special weapons barrage”; the attack would commence once the Federation is attacked by the Americans.

The Americans threatened an unpredictable and major cyber attack on Russia hours ago. It was reported that USA’s nuclear war status has also been raised to DEFCON 3.

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According to What Does It Mean, the Russian attack would include high-power microwave E-bombs, cruise missiles and artillery shells. This would use a gigantic electromagnetic radio pulse to disable computers, electronics, vehicles, guided missiles and communications.

But these would not in any way hamper the lives of people and the conditions of structures.

WW3 Alert: Russia-US Tensions

It was long reported that the Kremlin and the White House were in an intense standoff. On the other hand, U.S. accused Russia of “war crimes” over atrocities and destruction in Syria.

The relations between the two nations went down to Cold War levels. However, these crucial condition could heat up any moment as Putin is ready to take action against the U.S., according to Daily Star.

“Of course there is a reaction. As far as Russia sees it, as Putin sees it, it is full-scale confrontation on all fronts. If you want a confrontation, you’ll get one,” Russian military man Lt Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky said while blaming the West.

“But it won’t be a confrontation that doesn’t harm the interests of the United States. You want a confrontation, you’ll get one everywhere.”

WW3 Alert: Sanctions Against Syria, Russia Over Aleppo

On Sunday, it was the United States of America and Britain who informed that they are considering sanctions against Syria and Russia, as conditions degraded in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson spoke at a gathering of diplomats. At the gathering, the two nations suggested that there was a need for a political solution to end the gruesome Syrian civil war, according to USA Today.

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