WW3 Alert: Pentagon Sets Deadly Nuclear Weapons at Russia, New Cold War is Here

WW3 Alert: Pentagon Sets Deadly Nuclear Weapons at Russia, New Cold War is Here
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The United States is making clear that it plans to hit Russia soon with nuclear weapons. This was further emphasized when the Pentagon Chief outlined the country’s plans in nuclear terms against Russia. Will the United States pull the trigger on World War 3?


US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter took before the crowd at the Air Force Global Strike Command base in Minot, South Dakota Monday, to defend and emphasize why the United States need to modernize its artillery. According to reports, this was the first of the official’s trip to to a nuclear missile base since he took the post of secretary of defense in February 2015. The visit was also linked to the continued tensions between the US with the Russians and Chinese.

Pentagon Sets Deadly Nuclear Weapons at Russia

“In today’s security environment, one that’s dramatically different from the last generation, and certainly the generation before that, we face a nuclear landscape that continues to pose challenges…that continues to evolve, in some ways less predictably than during the Cold War, even though many around the world and even some in the United States are stuck in the Cold War in their thinking,” said the official via Global Research.

He also goes on to say that what is happening in Syria is tragic but also preventable. He pointed to Russia and Syrian regime as those responsible for the violence and civilian casualties.

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New Cold War is Here

However, another expert argues that the United States is against Russia possibly for a vested interest than Moscow being an actual threat.

“My view is that the Pentagon was dead set against it. They have their own bureaucratic self-interest in not having cooperation with Russia, which is extremely important to them; the reason being that they’re in a so-called new Cold War with Russia and they’re getting a lot of Congressional money based on that promise,” Gareth Porter told RT.

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  • Freeis Tomiimsi

    Yeah right, USA nuclear attack Russia…. USA nuclear capabilities dont even come close to Russia. Besides Russia wont just utalize their nuclear arsenal, their biological weaponry is far more advanced.
    Russia has done nothing to provoke the USA. The USA acting like little kids getting angry who dont get their own way.

  • Pentagon aiming at WW3 suffered crushing blow and breakdown by the Creators
    Oct.15, 2016 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    A general in Pentagon stated few days ago that US’s war against Russia and China is inevitable and imminent.
    Hillary also maintained her general political course for the war against Russia by the US.
    It becomes WWⅢ.
    But it is never allowed by the Creators.
    All nuclear weapons of the US were swept by the Creators on July 24, 2008. Redisposition of such Nukes are prevented.
    On the other hand, attack by Russian EMP(Electro-Magnetic Pulse) warheads missiles enables to annihilate the modern social infrastructures and human life in the US. Such WW3 must be avoided in any case.

    Few days ago, the Pentagon suffered the annihilative hit and breakdown by the Creators.
    Mainstream medias are continuing silence. AFL-CIO should confirm this massive event for peace and security of Earth.