WW3 Alert! Pentagon Readies Cyborg Warships Against China

WW3 Alert! Pentagon Readies Cyborg Warships Against China

America is taking things seriously against China as Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has reportedly been looking into unmanned ships to counter threats. In a series of spat between the two countries, China has also accused Pentagon of resulting to tricks prompting “blowhard performance” in port snub.


There were reports previously that Pentagon is looking into new ships and submarines as a means to push military modernization against imminent threats. China – being one of the threats identified – serves as a reference for America’s future technological capabilities.

According to Trunews, DARPA has now tested an unmanned ship that resembles the mechanism of Google’s driverless car. Dubbed as the “Sea Hunter,” the ship supposedly can navigate on its own without anyone on board. It can also function unmanned for three months.

The size of the ship is 130 feet and is estimated at $20 million. On top of this, the ship also comes with a central hull equipped with two outriggers and capacity of up to 135 tons. It can hold enough fuel for 70 days.

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It can be noted that several analysts have emphasized the significance of China’s efforts in the South China Sea to the power shift affecting the United States. As the Chinese continues to build its military arsenal, there is increasing pressure for the United States to catch up or match up such capabilities to deter aggression.

Furthermore, China is now accusing the United States of playing a number of tricks that forced the country to refuse a port visit to American warships in Hong Kong recently. Nonetheless, Beijing claims that such incident should not be blown out of proportion.

“Normally, China does not articulate its reasons, and this has been considered as a diplomatic gesture of expressing its dissatisfaction as well as taking the bilateral divergences under control,” claims an unsigned Op-Ed in The Global Times.

Furthermore, the paper claims that for the last few years “the Pentagon has played a series of tricks against China, creating quite an unpleasant atmosphere between the two sides.”

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