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WW3 Alert: NATO Wants War with Russia Not Peace?

WW3 Alert: NATO Wants War with Russia Not Peace?
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WW3 Alert: NATO Wants War with Russia Not Peace?

The whole world seems to be tiptoeing as to whether NATO or Russia will pull trigger on a new world war. As tensions escalate in the European region further, there are concerns on whether the two parties could really achieve peace although some believe it’s far from happening given NATO’s stance. Will the alliance declare an all out war on Russia?

NATO Wants War with Russia Not Peace?

There are contentions on whether it is really NATO and not Russia that is guilty of starting and continuing the conflict. Some analysts say that NATO is using the Russian rhetoric in order to justify its military activities while others believe that the country is pushing the right buttons.

In what seems to be an unlikely turn of events,  the Russians just offered a proposal to NATO about improving air safety over the Baltic Sea but the alliance reportedly rejected it. Russian envoy Alexander Grushko claimed that NATO appears to be doing its part to justifying freezing cooperation with Russia.

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“Allied officials say the proposal would do little to improve air safety-or prevent Russian aircraft flying dangerously close to ships or planes flown by western allies,” Wall Street Journal cited NATO officials. It also added that “key NATO allies are keen on advancing the military dialogue with Russia.”

Last July, during NATO and Russia’s meeting, the latter proposed a plan to try and minimize the tensions between the two parties. The former Soviet put forward the idea that the on top of turning on the transponders, military experts should also exchange to go over air safety.

There Is Still Hope?

“Russia proposed a way forward on how we can address issues related to transponders and air safety. We stated clearly that we welcome that Russia is ready to sit down and discuss air safety, transparency, including transponders. But we also asked for more details, and I think it’s up to Russia to discuss the details of the proposal, but we welcome that Russia is showing more interest on the issue,” Sputnik quoted Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

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