WW3 Alert: NATO Wants To Dominate The World, Attack Russia & Create Missile Crisis?

WW3 Alert: NATO Wants To Dominate The World, Attack Russia & Create Missile Crisis?
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NATO has reiterated its stance on Russia and the global security problem, but some experts believe its newfound focus could only spawn more crisis. Russia has started beefing up its forces in anticipation of threats from NATO and other properties. Is it false alarm, or is there really war brewing? 


NATO and US Want to Dominate the World

The Russian Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee has warned that if the United States and NATO continue with one-sided military dominant policies and mentality, it could spark further crisis. More than tensions with Russia, it could lead to a Cuban missile crisis.

Senator Konstantin Kosachev said that although the world is not yet facing a new nuclear crisis, opposition to Russia could actually make it seem so. According to Kosachev, global security already went through three stages and is now at its fourth period.

The period between the 1950s and the 1960s was the first stage. Second stage was during the 1970s and the 1980s, and the third was during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. However, it appears that NATO allies are retreating back to the first stage when pure military dominance secured state or group of states.

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“First class is for NATO and their allies, for those who support the monopolar model. Economy class is for everyone else – they are telling the world that those who do not want to join their model will have to deal with their problems independently. But the problem is that a bomb is ticking in the luggage hold and it is an equal threat to everyone,” RT quoted Kosachev.

“They cannot divide security by classes and think that they remain safe once they secure exceptional safety for themselves only.”

“Western leaders constantly claim that their nations are threatened and they have to defend themselves. But it is not them who is threatened, they simply perceive Russia’s non-compliance with the imposed model of divided security and privileges to their countries as a threat,” the Russian senator told the press.

Russia Prepares for US and NATO

The actions of both the West and NATO have prompted Russia to strengthen its military on southwestern flank. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia has decided to beef up the security in light of NATO’s military buildup.

Shoigu informed that Moscow has also sent air defense systems in the southwest. It has also deployed “self-sufficient” contingent of troops in Crimea, according to Reuters.

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