WW3 Alert: NATO Stands Up To Putin, Russia Becomes Dangerous

WW3 Alert: NATO Stands Up To Putin, Russia Becomes Dangerous
U.S. Marines serving with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, Battalion Landing Team, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, NATO, International Security Assistance Force cross an expansion bridge while on patrol in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 1, 2008. Cpl. Randall A. Clinton, U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

NATO is not letting Vladimir Putin have his way as the alliance seeks to stand up to the Russian threat through more aggressive actions. However, Russia is making a move of its own, which could create more tension across the European region. Is the world about to face the next world war?


NATO Stands Up to Putin

Apart from previous efforts, NATO has reportedly been stacking troops across Europe as a response to the perceived aggressive actions of Russia. Despite claims that NATO and Russia’s communication lines remain open for peace, the recent efforts of both parties have been linked to one thing: in preparation for a war.

Tensions between NATO and Russia have risen throughout the years following the annexation of Crimea. Since Russia has been assembling troops once more near Ukraine, NATO has assured members and the world that it will be increasing its presence to deter Russian aggression. The move has also prompted Russia to act on its own and stack up military forces.

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Nonetheless, Express reported that an alliance source reiterated that NATO’s moves are only in light of defending its territories.

“We do not seek confrontation with Russia, and will continue to strive for a more constructive relationship,” said the source.

“NATO has a responsibility to ensure we are ready to defend our allies.

“We are reinforcing our presence in the eastern part of the Alliance in response to Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine.”

The source clarified that all activities are defensive in nature and in line with the organization’s international commitments and responsibilities. The source added that the alliance is keeping communication lines open.

Russia Becomes Dangerous

Nonetheless, Russia appears to be becoming more dangerous.

According to Daily Star, Russia has been spotted loading dozens of vehicles to a ferry, sparking invasion fears. According to the report, CCTV footage from the Kerch Strait ferry reveals that Russia is loading vehicles in what many believe to be parts of its efforts for a full-scale invasion. The strait crosses from Russia into occupied Crimea. There were also unmarked military trucks and armored personal carriers seen.

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  • Ash Davies

    This is stupid there are 3 sides to every story America’s side & The Russians side, The US government is dirty and it’s run by criminals! The US-funded government coup in the Ukraine was about preventing the economic integration of the Eurasian Union, Does the US care about international law, or even the rule of law? Only as a front to the media, which sells such “values” to the citizenry! Putin alluded to the potential economic reintegration of Ukraine and Russia back in 2010. However, the US quickly instigated the Kiev coup in 2014! THEY DID THE SAME TO TURKEY AND TURKEY FOUGHT BACK!

    Lets just hope that Trump will win he isn’t perfect but at least he respects Putin and wishes to do business with him unlike Hillary! it seems that Americans are told that Russians are a threat in Hollywood films its the same tactic they pull! Remember WW2? yeah two of the worlds greatest super powers worked together and look what they achieved! End globalism! Kill the Rothschilds!..and George Soros!

    • Anthony

      Russia and China will be the ones who kill soros etc

  • rshimizu12

    Ukaine’s military has 250,000 soldiers and has another 750,000 in reserve. If their military was modernized and had adequate funds for training. They would be able to deter a Russian invasion. Or at least a conventional one. I believe that Ukraine would make strong contribution to NATO if they were allowed to join.