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NATO Aims Missile At Russia As Poland Invasion Looms

NATO Aims Missile At Russia As Poland Invasion Looms
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NATO Aims Missile At Russia As Poland Invasion Looms

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is determined to contain Russia as it sees the country as a threat to allies and their territories. As tensions rise, NATO started expanding its missile defense system, but Russia is not standing idly by, as it is reportedly preparing to invade Poland in only one day. Will the world be at risk of a new World War?

NATO Aims at Russia

NATO’s recent summit made sure to tell the world where the alliance stands with respect to Russia. The organization sent out a release saying it will be stepping up efforts to deter Russian aggression. However, analysts argue that a closer look at the alliance’s military actions in cooperation with the West, its deployment of missile defense system and the strengthening of its military bases suggest that NATO is potential the party with the expansionist tendencies.

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A report from Eurasia Review noted that NATO’s plans not only put Russia at risk but also other nations like Iran. As it noted:

“With this point in mind, the negative security consequences of the development of NATO’s military infrastructure cannot be considered limited to Russia, because other independent and anti-hegemony actors, including Iran, would not remain immune to these negative consequences.”

While the threat is not immediate, there is a possibility that things could turn otherwise for Iran and that the missile system be will a threat to it. Furthermore, the report argued that Russia has been pursuing a pragmatic approach where it tried to establish an agreement with the West. However, these attempts failed because of Washington’s insistence on military development.

Russian Invasion Looms

Things are further not looking up at Russia has reportedly started on its quest to invade Poland. An expert in fact advises the United States to ship more missiles to the region in anticipation of the attack.

“Even if Moscow currently has no immediate intent to challenge Nato directly, this may unexpectedly change overnight and can be implemented with great speed, following already prepared plans. The capability to do so is, to a large extent, in place,” claimed a 25-page document by the U.S.-based Atlantic Council.

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