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WW3 Alert: China Goes Ballistic Over US Missiles, Plans Retaliation?

WW3 Alert: China Goes Ballistic Over US Missiles, Plans Retaliation?
Xi Jinping Global Panorama / Flickr CC


WW3 Alert: China Goes Ballistic Over US Missiles, Plans Retaliation?

China has expressed anger over the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system in South Korea. This comes after the United States confirmed via a statement that the deployment of the system will happen “as soon as possible.” Will the missiles be the trigger of a new world war?

The Chinese Defense Ministry issued a warning to the United States about its deployment of the THAAD missile system.

China Goes Ballistic Over US Missiles?

“We will pay close attention to relevant developments, and consider taking necessary actions to protect national strategic security and the regional strategic balance,” Reuters quoted Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun during a monthly news briefing.

“What needs to be stressed is that Chinese people mean what they say,” he added without further details.

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China has been worried about the system’s radar specifically because it might be able to track its military capabilities. Beijing also stressed that it sees that deployment as fuel to the rising fire on the Korean peninsula.

Russia has been opposed on the matter as well. North Korea, on other hand, has also released a warning that it will result to a “physical response” should the deployment continue.

More Sanctions

On the business side of things, a number of Chinese firms are under U.S. investigation for alleged breaches of sanctions on North Korea. A senior U.S. official noted that Chinese banks and firms should realize that it is risky to continue to deal with North Korea.

“Of course, the preferred option is for China to do more,” CNBC quoted Daniel Fried, sanctions policy coordinator at the U.S. State Department.

“It would also be useful if Chinese banks and companies understood that increasingly, dealing with North Korean companies, especially those that are sanctioned, is going to be risky; frankly not worth it.”

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